1. Joe

    These “woke” colleges have been infiltrated by jesuits disguised themselves as born again believers to do exactly what is taking place.

    Philosophy and worldview are exactly what roman catholic seminary students study to become priests and Charles Chiniquy wrote all about this in his book, “50 years in the Church of Rome”. He was a French Canadian jesuit trained to bring catholic immigrants into the united states (Indiana – look at the history of the founding of the university of Notre Dame) to change the voting outcome of elections.

    He became a born again follower of Christ and wrote his testimony down about what the catholic church trained him to do then (early 1800’s) and still is now through the jesuit order. Find and watch the testimony of former jesuit Alberto Rivera and how he explains the exact same thing. Their whole purpose was to infiltrate biblical Christianity believers and start to introduce false doctrine and anti-biblical philosophy, worldview and social justice issues.

    All the major universities in the US are controlled by jesuits and have been for decades, they run the educations systems, the entertainment industry and many other areas of government for the purpose of bringing one world government about under religious control of the pope which they are just about to bring about with all the world issues and us dollar being devalued out of existence. It’s only a short matter of time.

    Thank you for the article. I pray more followers wake up to the truth of why this is happening the way it is.

    The grace, mercy and peach of our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied to you.


  2. Carol Blakeman

    Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary is still faithful as far as I know. Also Bible Baptist College of Pennsylvania is good, but it’s been a bit since I have heard anything about it.

    But I believe that Grace University in Omaha Nebraska is defunct and has been so for a few years already. You might check into that.

    Thanks for your work.

  3. Joshua M

    Sattler College in Boston is a great one. The president is Dean Taylor, author of the book, “A Change of Allegiance.”

  4. Marion Trometer

    Chafer.edu – a college Dr. Andy Woods administers.
    Dr. Woods is pastor and Bible teacher at Sugarland Bible Church in Sugarland Texas. I think Chafer.edu is just for training people going into the ministry.

  5. Judi carlton

    Dr. Andy Woods, President of Chafer college in Sugarland, Texas! Faithful and fantastic!!!

  6. Crown college in Knoxville, TN, and Pensacola Christian are the only good ones I know of. I’ve heard Maranatha in Wisconsin may be good. Bob Jones is a disaster.
    I’d go to Crown if I was 18.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA is also a Bible-based college. There is no woke or spiritual formation there. I know because many of our teachers attended.

  8. Eddie

    Pensacola Christian college. Is a good solid Bible based college check it out one of the few left

  9. Nancy

    My son attended Pensecola Christian College this year and so far we have been impressed with their Biblical focus and standards. No government money. no requirement for spiritual formation or suspicious psychological or worldview studies. Very pleased with the wisdom of staff and students

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