1. MV

    Thank you for caring to get the warning out about the realities of our spiritual battle.

    Every word has prompted deep reflection amidst a personal memory rush.

    My church morphed from

    strange and weird to spooky and freaky to oppressive and threatening to

    oh wow!

    my life in tatters amidst forlorn shards of shattered trust and unwelcome bleakness of soul.

    Familiar footholds vanished in an unfamiliar, impossible landscape of abyss-grade shades of shifting gray.

    “All around my soul gave way.” (from “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand”).

    All I can say is: Romans 8:38 – 39 is true as ever possible, infinitely, inalterably true.

    The Holy Spirit’s very still, very small, painstakingly gentle-as-with-a-bruised-bereft-reed,
    unrelenting inner insistence that

    God loves me, God loves me, God loves me still

    was met with

    yeah right, God – You going to turn out to be fake, too? a cosmic sham? a cunningly twisted joke?

    Still, God never let go, never silenced that inner assurance of His love.

    Thankfully, God’s love has proved the strongest grip of all.

    As God’s love prevailed then – through Impossibility, assuredly, His love victoriously prevails in the spiritual battle of our day.

    God’s strength, love, protection, grace, power, steadfast assurance, joy, peace and every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places to you and to all of the Bold Band of the Berated, Booted, and
    Kootie-itized Remnant (2 Timothy 3:11).

    Today, the spiritual battle yields ever-deepening awe and adulation for Jesus.

    Thank you again for believing God’s Word. The faith of each member strengthens the entire Body of Christ.

    Colossians 2:15

  2. Wonderful story! The only antidote to heresy is studying the Bible with all of your heart and the only bible today that doesn’t use the night corrupt Egyptian/catholic Greek is the KJB. There are hundreds of serious doctrinal changes in the new versions, all of which are bad. I figured this out 10 years ago, 26 years into my submission to Jesus Christ. People will say it’s legalistic to argue over bible versions but it’s not. I’ve now written 5 articles on it, finally putting my legal skills to good use. I will link my comprehensive article below in the website block. If you have doubt about the intellectual superiority of the Textus Receptus Greek (it’s really about the Greek not the English), please consider checking it out. It matters – a lot. Thanks again for your strong, helpful post!

  3. Michael G. Cieply

    NAR leadership is considering a name change to:
    NEW APOSTOLIC CHRISTIANITY. Let us all watch for this.

  4. jamie in illinois

    welcome to the club! Glad you made it! I am amazed that I made it out of what I was messed up with. We serve an awesome God!

  5. Don Grinde

    What does the acronym NAR represent. I’ll look it up. I’m sure someone else will ask. Great testimony and demonstration of the power of God’s word.

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