1. Marolyn Tocker

    Speaking as an ex-Catholic, and as one who left the RC church with much difficulty , I recommend staying away from these practices. I no longer attend the ecumenical Lenten services in my town, or would I participate in an Ash Wednesday service in a non-Catholic service. I believe Catholicism is/will play a major role in the end time one world religion. Better to stay in the word of God, memorize scripture, and come apart from any church who promotes such things. It is better to remain alone than to become subtly indoctrinated. One thing leads to another.

  2. CW

    Tracy, I have not seen a Biblical basis for observance of Ash Wednesday and Lent (definitely the opposite re the latter). Have you?

  3. Tracy Chesney

    Truly, most of what this letter describes is a total embrace of mysticism and false teaching. However, I would like to understand why the observance of Ash Wednesday and Lent are conflated with those other things? These observances are not the slightest bit mystical in nature, but merely traditions used to teach and reground the Christian in the basics of the faith: the depth of human sin and the work of the Savior for sinners. We must be careful to reject practices only because they are unbiblical, not because they are or have been practiced by Roman Catholics. Many faithful, very conservative, bible believing churches use the liturgy, follow the church calendar as a way to teach and build-up people in faith, but see no mystical value in those things, only the power of the Holy Spirit at work through His Word in these things, as He always is.

  4. Jean Curtis

    This is more than a testimony, this is a wake up call to the true Church of Jesus Christ. I have experienced this very thing in my own area. Just when I think I’ve found a Church that has not compromised God reveals to me that it has. Praise the Lord for this post. It encourages me to keep my eyes on Jesus and search the Scriptures daily for the truth. I too am a former Roman Catholic and the Ecumenical Movement has permeated the church and the Retreats and Pastors are not speaking out about it even when they attend the Retreats especially. The Cross before me, the world behind me, no turning back, no turning back.

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