1. Kathleen Strelnikow

    I wonder if David Jeremiah even read the book. Surely knowing the shameful history of the man, he should have steered clear.

  2. Jorge

    I stopped supporting GFA when the whole donation scandal broke and I saw videos of graduates from KP’s school of ministry in India going up to him to kiss his ring. I don’t know what happened to him. He seemed to have started so well.

  3. T. I. Miller

    It seems to me that anyone who is born again stops looking for something more fulfilling. Yes, even born again people can be led astray, but not for very long.
    Yes a great delusion of testing will be sent tempting even the elect. Walk by faith in God and in his word not by untrustworthy feelings. This contemplative heresy is another form of ego stroking ear tickling vainity mere chasing after the wind from the evil one.

  4. Jeffry

    Sadly, K.P. Yohannon has fallen for turning to The New Age Mysticism under the delusion that the Gospel plus traditions plus mystical practices is what God wants us to follow. Again sadly this is “Another Gospel “. Thomas Merton, a Catholic Monk, who helped bring Contemplative Spirituality to Christianity claiming God dwells in all of us. Chuck Swindoll and David Jeremiah, two men who indorse his book is very disturbing. Rick Warren also told people to read his book. The Purpose Driven Warren has lead many people to false teaching for many years. Hindu Monks, Desert Fathers and all Desert Mystics have led many people to a demonic realm that is sending them to a lost eternity without Christ. The Apostate teaching in many places all over the world is growing rapidly. The Gospel is their only Hope. Pray for all of them.

  5. Sarah L Daugherty

    This is all true! I supported GFA for years, rejoicing over the good work they were doing. Then I saw photos that aroused some suspicions, did some research, talked to a friend who knew someone who had worked with GFA who did not give a good report, and my support stopped. They still try to get me back, and sent a copy of the above mentioned book. I was aghast at what I saw, K.P. praising mystics and using titles like the Catholics do, calling people “Saint”. I had noticed an increase in the use of titles before by GFA, and K.P. himself goes by “Metropolitan” by his denomination. I had thought before that each congregation was independent, but they are not. Deception abounds!
    In Christ, Sarah

  6. Dale Noland

    I very strongly supported GFA for years , until I learned that they were lying about where the money was going!
    Once someone you trusted tells lies, how can you regain that trust?
    I found out that K P Yohannon went astray both financially and with regard to honesty. I’m done with both supporting him or recommending him.
    Not surprised he is now deceived spiritually as well.

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