1. c

    This must be happening everywhere. I live in Ohio and so many doctors (including some of mine) have gone out of private practice and been gobbled up by hospitals and other medical groups. Mount Carmel hospital has become a behemoth here and doctors that I have had for a decade are now controlled by Mount Carmel and its rules and policies and thus the patients are also controlled. I now get regular, preachy emails from Mount Carmel advising me about things like doing yoga and the like. I replied to them with a snarky email asking if I should also get a guru and/or go to India and join an Ashram. Other hospitals in my area are also pushing this stuff. Friends I know from church see nothing wrong with yoga or The Shack or The Message and after I have hesitantly offered my information and they have no interest I don’t warn again.

  2. Jeffry

    Thank you Charles for this warning about Kaiser Permanente and other mainstream healthcare providers that are pushing New Age Mindfulness Meditation to help people deal with Covid-19. Pushing Mystical Mindlessness from the eastern-religions of long ago. The New Age has infiltrated our entire society. Michigan Gov. Whitmer has introduced Headship Launch To help people deal with this Covid-19 . A virus that is on its 19th mutation. We can also add Calvin University which is doing the same thing. All we can do is pray for people that may try this false meditation and that they turn from it. We pray they come to Christ who is our great healer.

  3. CW

    Years ago when a sister-in-law and a friend went to work for the local public school system, Kaiser Permanente was the health insurance they were provided with. Both of them had some very real concerns about it, did not receive (what they considered to be) acceptable medical treatment.

    Neither of them knew the other one; they told this to me independently of each other. Even though it was “free” of charge to them, they both said it turned to be deceptively expensive.

    And now there’s this deception in the guise of offering “mental health”. How sad, tragic, this is, because so many people will fall for it, no doubt even some professing Christians.

    The Lord has been bringing this warning to my mind over the last couple of days:

    “MY people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

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