1. CW

    They might draw the line on gay/perverted “marriage” (falsely so-called) right now, but time has shown that the slippery slope they’ve already embarked on will eventually lead them to quit drawing that line.

    So, so sad. Unbelievably sad. Who could have imagined all this “calling evil good” just a few years ago at Christian colleges???

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    After a long search on line studying what is going on at Biola I finally found out that they did have a gay underground group that has been legitimized by Biola. The name of the organization is The Dwelling. They do draw the line on gay marriage, but are very vague on what behavior is permitted on campus. Is all immoral or unbiblical behavior permitted on campus as long as it is consensual? That is the question. Jesus said that if a man looks on a woman with lust that that man has already committed adultery with her in his heart. So even evil thoughts are condemned by Jesus. The new believers in Christ left their old life (homosexuality) to begin a new life as Christians. What kind of example are the members of The Dwelling setting for other students? Very sad. It is safer for a Christian student to attend a local junior college or trade school than to attend most Christian colleges today. Parents are spending a fortune so their children can graduate as an atheist. So appalling!

  3. Elizabeth,
    Unfortunately, many of these Christian colleges and universities are turning out young graduates who claim to have become atheists while attending. Your son-in-law does not understand the serious nature of the spiritual deception that has woven its way into such schools.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    I wrote to Biola many yrs. ago and never got any response on my concerns about Spiritual Formation. Yr. ago the rumor was that homosexual behavior on campus was being allowed. I have not called because they probably will not tell me the truth. As long as the behavior is consensual I believe it is allowed. I am concerned because my grandson is considering Biola next yr. He is an MK living in Spain at the moment. Maybe someone at LH knows?? I have tried to warn my son-in-law but he thinks his sons are strong enough to withstand the liberal leanings of most Christian colleges. I told my grandson’s older brother but I do not think he has warned him. My son-in-law does not understand how dire the situation is on most campuses since he has been away from the U.S. Our Christian colleges are not the same as they were many yrs. ago.

  5. John J

    Elizabeth, I don’t know, but if there’s doubt, beware. Some years ago, gay and the like ‘discussions’ took place, and once that happens on a supposedly biblical campus, then I’d rather not send anyone there. There used to be a strong underground LGBTQ, etc., movement there. If I were you, contact them directly. Aim straight for the top. Their response will clear things up; alternatively, ask the good folk of Lighthouse to investigate or get someone to. I get your anxiety. Always remember that He who is in us, as born-again believers, is stronger than anything this ugly world can throw at us.

  6. CW

    I’ve been way beyond shocked at the recent revelations concerning the president of LU and his wife — about events going back at least to 2012! I cannot begin to imagine how shocked the students must have been; their trusted leaders doing things they are (rightly) forbidden to do. And I also shudder to think of how their children must be affected.

    I remembered LU’s promotion of “spiritual formation” and realized there is a very real connection — when people devalue God’s own Word to that extent, there will be evidence of that in every area of their lives.

    Jerry Falwell set the stage for departure from God’s Word (IMHO) when he entered into the unholy alliance with the founder of the Moonies (a way-out-there Christless cult, if anyone’s not familiar with them) and others. It usually takes time, but eventually apostasy comes to light. How inexpressibly sad all of this has been.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    I was writing a comment but it suddenly disappeared. I will try again. Is Biola U. in L.A., CA allowing homosexual behavior in the dorms and on campus? I know they are doing the spiritual formation. I need the facts on this matter. Very important.

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