1. David Pruyne

    I’m really impressed by all the research that Jake did on these people. I think it would be valuable if Jake and other people who do this kind of research could share the information so everyone doesn’t have to spend the time to try to do all the research to find the information when they encounter these people or organizations. Then we could use that information to share and warn others like Jake did to his Pastor. Maybe Lighthouse Trails could facilitate hosting or sharing this kind of research that people have done. That would enable people to build on further research on other people or groups that haven’t been done yet, saving time and increasing the coverage. Thank you Lighthouse Trails for all you’ve been doing. It can be difficult finding good information on these topics.

  2. Frederick Vallee

    After reading some of the articles that have been written I can only come to the conclusion that many, many Christians DO NOT read it study the King James Bible for their direction of life. Leaven has permeated the churches. The churches mentioned in the book of Revelation describes the period of our times TO A TEE.

  3. admin

    Frederick, we would be very happy to send you one of our booklets explaining it, or better yet, Ray Yungen’s book, which we publish, A Time of Departing. Please send us your mailing address to editors@lighthousetrails.com. No charge; our gift to you. It’s important to understand, and we’d like to help.

  4. CW

    Please allow me to make this correction: I said, “I am shocked and saddened that this pastor would allow his wife to host that Bible conference in their home.” Yes, I am saddened that he allowed that — but those Gatherings are NOT Bible conferences; quite the opposite. That was a typo.

  5. CW

    The IF: Gathering DOES promote unGodly beliefs and behavior. I read about it in a firsthand report written by a woman who attended it and quoted a speaker extensively. That speaker’s teachings were absolutely horrendous, completely unBiblical. That article was published at a “Christian” magazine website which has become very unGodly in recent years / decades and celebrates this stuff, ALL of it. Jen Hatmaker is a pastor’s wife who ‘came out’ in support of homosexuality some time ago. I have not heard one truly good (Biblical) thing about the conference or the speakers — and everything I’ve heard and read has been written by those who love it and promote it. I am shocked and saddened that this pastor would allow his wife to host that Bible conference in their home. Not only does his wife not have discernment from the Holy Spirit, she has obviously been led astray by evil spirits purporting to be from God (the Bible tells us that even Satan can manifest as an angel of light). NO WAY could I attend that church in good conscience, unless the Lord had me there as a watchman on the wall for a period of time.

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