I would like more information on the Rick Warren deception being undertaken by the many churches

  2. T. I. Miller

    For so many especially those “cultural” Christians, for the progressives and for the liberals they have s new “gospel” They have lifted up the parable of the sheep and the goats Matt. 25 as the sum total of their gospel. To sum up and paraphrase, the righteous minister to the physical needs of the poor and the prisoners. Because they do these things they go to heaven. The goats did not do things therefore they do not go to heaven. This to them is all that matters. Everything else that Jesus taught, everything else the scriptures teach is not worth regarding. No amount of error or false teaching matters to them. All else is trivial mumbo jumbo. Plus they can elevate themselves and boast in themselves. Yes it is sad that Jesus was crucified but it was not necessary for anyone’s salvation. Being good and doing good makes anyone heaven bound irrespective of faith or creed. Holiness is not in the equation. Moral absolutes are mean divisive judgmental and intolerant. In other words, ” the natural man CANNOT understand….”

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