1. Bear JC

    YES MARANATHA. I Am not seminary traine but what I’ve said and have been asked to B quite is when pastors asked what’s dangerous wrong, I held up BIBLE and told to hush. Then no disrespect intended I needed to just over talk to say, explain, it’s not GOD’ Word about The way that’s dangerous it’s Man’s interpretations of HIS WORD. 1 example I use is the numerous denominations, why Man interpretating HIS WORD & 1 THE WAY IMMANUEL Differently(pride?) each has to have they’re own way. When we All CHRISTians should know there is only 1 WAY(JESUS’) All called followers of the WAY(JESUS’) until Antioch.Then alll these Denominations forme why? Man needed perceived HIS WORD Their own way. Hmm EGO – Edging Out GOD & doing it their way (Interpotation) of HIS WAY MESSIAH’ Or YASHUA’ JESUS’… But I know not accept know Love Serve for The ONE KING who does Know ALL. & that w/o I could do know nothing. I think no, JK Just Know HE is the Answer & WILL take care of Fix ALL… Oh who some may ask The KING The KING THE LION KING Judah’ Amen Omein

  2. Jo

    Well said T.I. Miller. The above letter from John and Sarah is truly what we are seeing in the church today. I understand that this will continue to happen for the stage setting of the end times. And I too am “groaning” for the world and what we are seeing happen right before our eyes. Prophecy fulfilling. Come Lord Jesus, come.

  3. i7sharp

    Prayerfully sharing this:
    Gods of Gold-The Silent God

    •Jan 27, 2020

    The man made images of gods have mouths but cannot speak. Contemplative prayer practitioners “hear” their god “in silence”, and the modern bible translations enable them by translating “a still small voice” to “sheer silence”!

  4. T. I. Miller

    ” …and she still would NOT believe ”
    The question now is why. God sees the heart we can’t. We can and must examine the fruit. Is it her obstinanace or is it not wanting it to be true or is it the great delusion or a combination. Some cant seem to grasp why distorting the ESSENTIALS of the faith to any degree is, as Paul put it, damnable. This, can’t we all just get along for the sake if unity mantra, which is a false unity, seems to be the biggest concern for the vast majority today. They want to elevate, loving your neighbor, above, loving God above all else and everyone else.

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