1. Dawn

    I was sad to read that the Salvation Army is still promoting yoga. Around 12 years ago, I was at the Salvation Army Kroc Center where I live. When I responded to the subject of yoga, an employee ridiculed me and said that there is nothing wrong with yoga.
    I mailed a letter and a copy of Dave Hunt’s book, Yoga and the Body of Christ: What Position Should Christians Hold, to their leading major at the time. He wrote back and said that he fully agreed and that he’d previously read Dave Hunt’s book. He assured me that neither yoga, nor any other similar practice by any other name would be offered there.
    I was relieved. But soon after, I was in a meeting at the Kroc Center, where employee excitedly stated that yoga classes would soon be offered. I emailed to the major, who had drastically changed his tuned and replied with very brief note stating that they are currently “in dialog” regarding offering the practice of yoga at the Kroc Center. 
    Sadly, this syncretism is a very consequential device of the enemy to merge the broad way with the narrow way to ultimately completely erode the narrow way.

  2. Vickie Bryans

    I was convinced a few years ago (by a demonic spirit), that I could indeed practice yoga for health reasons, but still worship God. After the first session of this yoga class (including burning of incense and ragged breathing by the instructor), I was extremely uncomfortable during the class itself, and during the night after, the Lord came to me (NOT in a dream!). He woke me up, and told me point blank that I was never to do yoga again – in any form or fashion. It is EVIL. I had felt it myself, but if I ever had any doubts, after this close encounter with my Heavenly Father, I can promise that I will never even think about it again. (The very next morning I threw away all of the videos and books I had on the subject!)

  3. JDV

    That seems like something that would be good to remember — and to remind others about at upcoming gatherings — for when the bell ringers start coming out in force shortly. If this is what the contributions would go towards support, that looks like a big problem.

  4. Nancy Butler

    I was on one “Progressive” Christian site where someone asked if Yoga was ok. I referred her to the information on You Tube , and every devil on that site came after me. I was told ,”If you ever do that again you will be removed from this group”. I removed myself.

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