1. Goel

    Although I am late in entering this comment, my wife is now embracing Sarah Young just as much and sharing her error-filled doctrine with her friends. At one point, my wife was quoting a line from Sarah Young to me and I felt the Holy Spirit telling me it wasn’t Jesus speaking. I do agree with Martha’s comment regarding women wanting to “experience” a closer relationship to Yahushua but go about it in all the wrong ways. The Holy Bible is the only and absolute best way to know who Yahushua is.

    In an example, my wife was reading Genesis 22 regarding the calling from YHWH to Abraham to sacrifice his “only” son. I told her this was a type and shadow of YHWH sacrificing His only begotten Son as is spoken of in the four Gospels but it didn’t sink in. She only saw the literal scene of Abraham and Isaac and not YHWH and Yahushua. This is how false teachers such as Sarah Young will lead others astray thus they become blind to the real truth when others try to speak it in love to guide them back to the narrow path.

    I believe Sarah Young is a very dangerous medium who channels a demonic spirit claiming to be Yahushua and scribbling down whatever she’s being told and hearing. Far too many women have fallen for this deception and are leading others toward the broad road. The Bible speaks clearly about those who consult spirits through mediums.

  2. Sarah Huckabee and Kaleigh McEnany need to read your appeal as they are totally gobsmacked over Sarah Young. I just heard Kayleigh McEnany interviewed on Charlie Kirk’s testify and glowingly quote and endorsed Sarah Young’s JESUS CALLING, and even worse, she mentioned that Sarah Huckabee gobsmacked over JESUS CALLING.
    Kayleigh discussed this in light of promoting her book: The New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement.

    So I would ask the same question that the Apostle Paul asked: “Is there NONE wise among you?”




  3. Martha

    I think, in most ways, that people just do not know their Bible. Women are especially prone to wanting to experience the LORD. They have a sincere desire to want to be closer to our LORD which is a good thing. They just don’t know that God has already given us ALL things for life and godliness. To keep searching may lead one to stray beyond the boundaries our loving LORD has set up for our own protection.

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