1. Rebecca

    Well, being a devout Catholic for nearly 30 years, I can tell you that you are spreading lies, like Satan.

    There is one church founded by Christ- the Catholic Church, which translates to “Universal Church”.

    Again, Christ brought this Church about and no man has any power to defeat it. It will stand.

    Like every church today, we’ve seen evil infiltrate. This IS Biblical!. We would do well to unite as one force against the evil among us. Throwing stones at something you don’t understand, who is a brother/sister in Christ, serves no purpose.

    Contemplative prayer is NOT mysticism, in any way. Kinda makes me giggle that those who consider themselves wise would throw that out there. Seems another trick of the evil one.

    Check yourselves!

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    There is a priest who recently left the priesthood and has been featured over the yrs. on Fox Cable News. Maybe he wants to get married? Who knows? Instead of Father he is now called a theologian. Wish I knew why he left the priesthood? I have an uncle who left the priesthood and then married my aunt. This uncle had left the R. Catholic Church and accepted Jesus as his Savior, becoming a Protestant and also an evangelist. My uncle was born in San Sebastian, Spain.

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