1. Tricia Burton

    Thank You for this excellent work exposing The Chosen’s agenda and deception. Mormons always have an agenda, At first, it was an all out assault on the Christian church. When that didn’t work, they did a radical 180 and are now trying to pass themselves off as just another Christian denomination.
    Never once have they renounced or repented of their evil doctrines. Same “bat channel” just a different mask.

    5th generation X- Mormon

  2. We do have serious concerns that while a number of pastors and Christian leaders are speaking up about cultural issues (which we are not saying is wrong), almost none of them are speaking about the spiritual aspects of deception that have entered the church. THAT is the silence we are most concerned about. We will explain in more detail soon.

  3. T. I. Miller

    Eric Metaxas has come out recently comparing the silence of the Churches in Germany before and during the holocaust, with today’s American churches and the attacks on biblical morality.
    Churches dont even have the spine to confront, The Chosen.
    They are too ashamed of the Gospel to expose any heretical books or movements.
    Their are a thousand ways to deny Christ. Cowardly silence is the worst. It’s like Peter denying Christ, with a megaphone.

  4. Nancy Otterby

    Thank you for truth about The Chosen. Very sad to see thousands adoring it.
    There is video of Dallas Jenkins firmly stating that Christians and Mormons worship the same Jesus.
    Season 2 Episode 5 was the clincher for me. Jesus PRACTICING His Sermon on the Mount “speech.” Jesus telling John the Baptist NOT to confront Herod on his sin (“they all do it”) and laughing about John’s “brood of vipers” words to the Pharisees.
    An added danger is Jonathan Roumie (“Jesus”) directing his followers into Catholicism and The Hallows app download.

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