1. Steve Lawrence

    As a fourth Generation Sally it is with sadness that I have to agree with much of the comments posted. I have indeed seen the slow drift away from the solid Biblical foundation that was the basis for the SA. I led a successful charge against the introduction of Rick Warrens books to our church back then….that I could see the obvious false teachings whilst my leaders couldn’t, was probably the start of my questioning where we were headed as a church. There has been much that has had me concerned since. On a brighter note, being born into the SA and “born again” age 17 I can say to those of you who have met confused Sallies who don’t know what born again means, we here in NZ definitely do know! We currently have a great bible preaching leader in our church, The Salvation message is given often and although since covid our numbers are down, they are Genuine believers.
    For those that are not familiar with the way the SA works…… Pastors/ministers used to be rotated to new postings every 3-5 years roughly ,(they seem to be longer terms now) hence we have had in the past a few leaders with more ecumenical leanings, thus leading to my above comments.
    Final comment… I believe in this age of apostasy the SA has been infiltrated many years back and there are few churches that have escaped, It behooves us who have our eyes open to warn any who will listen, whilst we can. To that end thank you Lighthouse Trails for all you do.
    Steve Lawrence

  2. Frank

    My mother was a Salvationist she was born again but I don’t think she quite understood it.

    Many years ago after my mother’s death I ran into a salvationist on public transit and we had a nice chat. When I asked him when did he get born again, he had confusing and startled look on his face. “What?” It struck me he did not know what being born again meant.

    Few years after that help you know to deaf pastor by keeping his office warm while he was on an overseas trip. I got to call from a woman whose daughter and I were once classmates. She asked about getting her grandchild baptized.

    I had no idea they were Salvationist so I asked when was she born again, just curious, but she was startled by my question. She did not know what it meant.

  3. nng

    Quote from the local paper, “Now, the Salvation Army has announced a partnership with the …. Adventist Church to combine services.

    “We are so pleased to serve this beautiful coastal community and to have such a wonderful partner in the … Adventist Church,” said Lt. Colonel Judith Smith.”

  4. john

    Called one of their rehabs. Rather than teaching to seek Christ, and find strength in His Spirit and Word, they blend their Christian teaching with wisom from the Big Book (the A,A, “Bible”).

    The gentleman on the phone told me the 12 Steps are “spirituality. ” Yes, except they came from(blank the mind) state of automatic writing.

  5. Rhonda Kelly

    According to the apostle Paul, and the scriptures, they are accursed children. Galatians 1:6-12
    Psalm 73:27; 119:21
    Jeremiah 17:5
    Hosea 4:12

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