1. Jan

    Its interesting none of the disciples called themselves “Paulinians” when following the apostle Paul. Declaring themselves “Calvinists,” his followers are continually edifying a man. A man who denies the Scripture which tells us that Christ died for ALL men, not just the “elect.”
    John 12:32

  2. Hi Mary, It was a blessing to reread your letter, as I was just persecuted in another church and yesterday was the first Sunday my husband and I missed and it has been painful, though Deborah has been most encouraging.

    My, Calvinists can be so hateful, lying and deceptive—the women who seem completely loving can slap you in the face so to speak when they cannot turn you into a Calvinist, or one who follows Augustine or MacArthur or Piper; actually all of these men. I sent out an email exposing these teachers and apparently it broke the camel’s back so to speak. I have sent out other mailings regarding this subject, but never did anyone come after me in this fellowship. all came to a calculated head where I was told I had to talk to the elders about my emails to my friends and family, which includes ladies in this church.

    Not long after we started the church, the pastor told me I had to follow the reformers including Calvin and Augustine. I have not done this, of course.

    We have enjoyed this church being the pastor preaches verse by verse through the Bible and rarely brings up MacArthur and the reformers.

    Much love to you in Him who is our peace and commands we not fret because of evildoers; Psalm 37. Val

  3. Lauren St. Vincent

    Hi! I am a Calvinist and I have never heard or seen such as you describe. The Calvinism described here on this web site is not the one which I have studied and embraced as the truth of scripture. It is alarming to me that so many have had these experiences but rest assured, these who call themselves calvinists and do such heinous things are not real doctrinal Calvinists at all but what I think may be hyper -calvinists who dishonor the true theology and doctrinal teachings from the bible and totally ignore the history and church too. The book which was published is not a true picture of Calvinism but a modern misrepresentation. The Christians I know are Calvinists, in a Reformed church and you would never see any harshness nor lack of love and kindness from anyone. We hold to the teachings of the bible alone. I have said many times, many here do not clearly understand real Calvinism but have only encountered a false calvinism/hyper calvinism. Don’t paint a picture of all when it is only the deceived.

  4. Dear Lighthouse Trails,

    I wanted to clarify things regarding the original email that I sent you so that I give credit to whom credit is due. When I said:
    “I had to leave my previous church of five years because the pastor started allowing books . . . [by Calvinists] to be used in the women’s Bible study groups,” that statement was true. However, I wanted to make it clear that it was my friend who discovered this; she was the one who was attending the women’s Bible study class and expressed her concerns to me when she found out that John MacArthur’s books were being used. We had been having discussions about Calvinism after church for at least a few months prior to that because I had been doing research on it since leaving my former church of 14 1/2 years in 2012. So when she found out that they were going to be using John MacArthur’s book in her class she told me and we prayed and talked about what we should do next.

    Also, when I said:
    “One of my friends left the church with me,” I just meant that one of my friends also left the church. I wanted to make it clear that she actually left at least one month before I did after expressing her concerns about Calvinism to the pastor. I decided to stay for at least a month longer hoping and praying that our pastor would come to realize the unbiblical nature of Calvinism and that he would be willing to preach against it.

    The Bible studies that I had attended there were on actual books of the Bible and they were very good, but God used my friend to make me realize that Calvinism had already started entering our church. Instead of simply having discussions about it, we then realized that, with God’s help, we now had to seriously deal with it on a personal level.

    M – Mary

  5. Dear John J,

    Thank you for your reply and your kind words.

    Yes. Some may disagree, but it certainly is possible for the Holy Spirit to spiritually — and even literally — “push” someone to do something: When I was a young girl sitting by my little sister, I heard these words strongly impressed on my mind: “Get up and move her.” My little sister was in a high chair type of thing and I was right by her watching t.v. and didn’t want to get up. I heard those words in my mind come strongly again, and when I didn’t get up I was literally, but gently, brought to a standing position (“pushed”), and I moved her. Just seconds later the kitchen light fixture came crashing to the floor right where she would have been! God is real and He does speak occasionally and “push” people to do something when need be, but our experiences must always line up with Scripture, as you well know.

    Wow! The more stories I hear about Calvinists the more evil they become! A true Bible believing Christian would not even think of putting a curse on another believer –or on anyone!

    It’s sad when Calvinists and their books are being promoted (sometimes even secretly) by church leadership, when Jesus Christ should be the only one who is lifted up, and the good news of the Biblical gospel and the truth found in the rest of Scripture should be their main focus. (2 Timothy 4:1-4 comes to mind).

    Sadly, Calvinism is being taught in many churches these days, but oftentimes the teachings are disguised by calling them “doctrines of grace” and using other such terms, which I am sure you are aware of.

    As Christians we need to learn about Calvinism not only so we are aware of how Scriptures are being taken out of context to support their false theology, but also we need to learn about Calvinism in order to equip us to reach out to those who have been deceived by the teachings of Calvinism/Reformed Theology. That is why I am so thankful to Lighthouse Trails for making this book, ‘Calvinism – None Dare Call It Heresy’ available for all to purchase.

    Praise God that He used you and your son to reach many people who were at your former church and that their eyes were opened to see the truth of what was going on there! How wonderful to hear that they were willing to take a stand for Biblical truth and leave!

    Yes, when one truly knows Jesus Christ and takes time to study His Word it becomes easy to spot the false teachings and the many false gospels that are out there these days.

    If only all Christians would not only heed the many warnings in Scripture about spiritual deception and false teachers and how they would arise even from among us (Acts 20:25-31), but also make certain that they ‘examine the Scriptures daily to see if what is being said (by those who claim to teach and preach God’s Word) is true’ (Acts 17:11), then there wouldn’t be so many being led astray.

    Thank you for your closing words of encouragement…yes, I will continue doing what I’m doing. God’s Word and a few committed followers of Jesus Christ to fellowship with is all I need. I have learned to place my trust in Jesus Christ alone and not in any pastor or teacher, because He is the only one worthy of our trust, and His Holy Spirit is the one who will lead us in all truth.

    God bless you and your family, John.

    M – Mary

  6. Dear Allyson,

    Thank you so much for your encouraging comment that I just saw today! It’s so nice to connect with you and others who diligently stand for Biblical truth without giving in to compromise!

    I am so glad that God used my email to encourage you…thank you for sharing that with me!

    Yes, Lighthouse Trails earnestly contends for the faith regardless of the backlash they may get for speaking out against Calvinism and so many other false teachings that are leading many Christians into spiritual deception these days. May God bless each of them richly for all that they do to stand for Biblical truth!

    Standing with you for Jesus Christ and Biblical truth, dear Allyson!♥

    God Bless You

  7. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging reply, Val Lee. I didn’t realize that anyone had replied to my email to Lighthouse Trails until the friend who left my former church with me just shared the link to my email with me now!

    Yes, Lighthouse Trails has been my main site to go to when I am doing research on pastors, teachers, authors, etc., ever since I bought my first computer back in 2008; their ministry has truly been a blessing and source of encouragement to me and to many others like yourself.

    That was truly frightening to read your account of what you went through at the hands of those Calvinists!

    Thank you for suggesting John G. Mitchell…I never heard of him before but will check him out. And, yes…ever since God opened my eyes to the false teachings in Catholicism, I constantly test everything against Scripture, and will be certain to test his teachings against the truth of God’s Word, as well.

    God taught me the importance of studying and knowing His Word, as well as the importance of discernment, by many unbiblical things that I have been through at two other churches I had attended over the years. It’s amazing when we see the accuracy of God’s Word as we see God’s warnings about spiritual deception in the last days, false teachers, and doctrines of demons all unfolding before our very eyes! God’s Word is truly all we need and the Holy Spirit of God will teach us what we need to know.

    I am so sorry for the deep hurt that you experienced from your long time friend after discovering she was a Calvinist. May the Lord open her eyes so that she may see how these teachings twist and distort the

    Yes, amen! Scripture truly does refute the false teachings of Calvinism and Reformed Theology which are based on the traditions and philosophies of men, but sadly they look at Scripture through the lens of Calvinistic teachings and fail to see how Calvinism distorts the very character and nature of God and presents “another Jesus” and “another gospel,” both with no power to truly save.

    Much love to you in Christ, as well, Val Lee!♥
    I will search for your blog. 🙂
    Mary – Living4HisGlory – WordPress.com

  8. Carole Springer

    Hello LauriL,
    My husband and I are also in NE and we home churched for approx 5 years and then took our home group to a Nursing Home for the past 5 years. That group is still meeting, but my husband and I moved 3 yrs ago so we too are searching for a place of worship or other like-minded believers. I would certainly love to visit with you and we can at least encourage one another. May you know His leading! Please feel free to email me!

  9. Browsing

    I am sending you out as lambs among wolves…

    There will come a time that when they kill you, they will think they are doing God a favor…

    God reminded me today that Jesus said that. I often morbidly joke with God that I feel like “dead man walking” as I go through my days, and not due to daily denying of self so much as due to the effects of isolation from massive spiritual abuse. It seems surreal that those who call themselves by God’s name are increasingly taking a stand against his word, and actively persecuting those in the church who speak up for him. I’ve been reeling so much from the savagery and lack of love that my shock and trauma about the injustice have blinded me to the fact that He might actually let one of them kill me. They’ve already done everything they can to legally destroy my life.

    I’ve had to tell him I’m willing to die for him, even at the hands of U.S. church-goers. It’s not a thought most Americans have, I think. We’re used to murderous persecution happening elsewhere in the world, and here we are quick to engage in litigation for our “constitutional rights” when threatened. There’s nothing wrong with “appealing to Rome” when it is allowed, but we must remember that Paul was eventually martyred.

    “When the son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” Jesus knew what things would be like in the last days before his return. Fill your lamps and trim your wicks and hold fast to his word as you wait for him, even though they turn you out of the church and would destroy your very life. Hide yourself in him, and feast on his goodness.

    “Everyone who desires to live a godly life in Jesus Christ will be persecuted.”

  10. Browsing

    Hi LT

    I’m in NE. Would you be willing to give this LauriL my email address? Maybe we could connect?


  11. T. I. Miller

    FYI : I have been gently exposing the many faces of the new age apostasy to an elder lacking discernment.
    I was taken aback to discover that in his mind it is all only a minor matter of personal preferences. I replied, ” that is what Nadab and Abihu thought too”, when they did not worship God in Spirit and in truth.

    To another I quoted around 20 of Bonhoeffer’s errant “social justice” beliefs on doctrinal essentials that could not be taken out of context. Yet that is how he dismissed all of the evidence.

    copied from another defender of the faith who like you is often falsely accused of being unfairly judgmental.

    “Now let’s render a verdict, shall we? The Pharisees taught the following:

    They denied that they were sinners by birth (We believe that we are sinners by birth)
    They placed man-made traditions, extra-biblical writings, and oral traditions above the written word of God (an idea we do not believe or teach)
    They believed that health, wealth and prosperity indicated God’s blessing on a person, and that the rich were more likely to go to Heaven. They also taught that illness and poverty were signs that the person was under God’s curse. (ideas we do not believe or teach)
    They denied the Deity of Christ (we, in fact, affirm the Deity of Christ)
    They taught that one earned salvation by works (an idea we do not believe or teach)
    They needed “signs and wonders” in order to believe that Christ was the Son of God (an idea we do not believe or teach)”.

  12. Praise God, M, you have spiritual discernment in all these trials and tribulations and you found the Lighthouse Trails webpage. We know our trials and tribulations can make us strong as James chapter 1 teaches believers. And 2 Peter chapter 3 commands us to separate from the false teachers and this chapter covers Calvinism. This is easily seen through the words “Where is the promise of His coming?” All of Scripture actually refutes Calvinism. Men love to craft their own doctrines when they do not agree with what the Bible states. False teachers always use much Scripture, but they know how to add their poison here and there to deceive.

    I had a Calvinist man tell me I was not to read the Bible only reformed writings. He and others, including church elders, persecuted me for standing on the Scriptures alone. I was even trapped in a home, held down, where all this was thrust upon me. I was finally let go when they realized I would only stand on the Bible.

    And within the last year or so, a couple people have come after me regarding Calvinism. One lady had me in her home. She has been a friend for years and she had never mentioned her Calvinistic beliefs previously. And she tried to set controls over me. I was deeply hurt and concerned for her.

    Praise the LORD the Holy Spirit enabled you to recognize what you were being taught is false.

    We are to be ones who simply believe in the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21; no additions or subtractions.

    And at this website of Lighthouse Trails, you will learn through the comment areas, you are far from being alone.

    I have learned, you may only locate one true Bible believer in an entire church. This has happened to me in a couple of fellowships. One is certainly better than none.

    It is difficult to find any Bible teacher of truth as most pastors and teachers are apostate. However, if you desire to hear an excellent Bible teacher, I recommend Dr. John G. Mitchell. He was one of the original founders of Multnomah Bible College in Portland, Oregon. There was a time when Multnomah was rightly referred to as a Bible college under Dr. John G. Mitchell. He had the entire New Testament memorized and much of the old because he loved the inerrant Word. He was one of my teachers.

    You can listen to Dr. John G. Mitchell every week day on the internet network, ACN Radio and there is an app on Google Play for ACN Radio. I cannot put links on this posting due to receiving a “spam” classification.

    Though Dr. Mitchell was a gifted teacher, we must test all with the Word of God, being Bereans, never simply grasping anyone’s word alone.

    Much love to you in Christ, Val Lee of val lee weblog (Google search)

  13. Please, connect with us, my wife and I …
    email: luvjcnow[at]yahoo[dot]com
    We live on Johns Island, South Carolina (Charleston area) …
    We are “churchless” right now … pray for us …
    We attempted to plant a Sola Scriptura – Simply Biblical church here – but it fizzled out after 3.5 years of attempting, etc. – for more, please, go to NLFJI[dot]org … and NLFJI[dot]org/PastorAndy … please, pray for us …
    Note: replace the [dot] with a “period” or “dot” …

  14. Allyson

    Dear M,
    It’s so comforting to hear from someone else who is standing for Biblical truth! There ARE still some of us out there! Your story has been an encouragement to me today. I too, love this website, and am so thankful for LTR!!

  15. LauriL

    We have lived all over the country and seen this insidious doctrine grow exponentially. Does anyone have the ability to connect those of us without a church family in different areas of the US so that we can find each other and start home groups? We had to leave our solid church in south KC due to a recent relocation to NE. We don’t do FB either because pastors and congregants have lambasted each other via social media.

  16. John J

    Dear M,
    What a lovely yet sad and encouraging letter. Years ago, my son and I were physically (if that’s possible) “pushed” out of a calvinist/reformed “church” by the Holy Spirit; we both, at the same time, had this sudden, gentle urge to flee because of what had been going on. Previously, I’d openly asked them if they’d been taken over by Calvinists, as it all pointed that way (it was the case). They turned red in the face and denied (lied) while peddling Washer DVDs and MacArthur and Piper books and poison in the parking lot like bootleggers (away from the rest of the congregation). I simply mailed them and said they will be seeing us no more. The “pastor” exploded, called me and wait for it . . . I was cursed by the “pastor” and a spell was put on me. For months after this, my son and I managed successfully to get the innocent, lied-to people out of the church.

    Believe me, it’s better to find like-minded born-again people to home fellowship with and to live out the Christian faith. There are two different gospels within this context, and they are in conflict. One is true and one is not. It’s not difficult to spot the fake one.

    M, continue to fellowship, continue doing what you’re doing. The true body of Christ is not a controlling bunch of evil men/women and their ways; it’s just the opposite. God will bless you.

  17. David

    Well said and I whole-heartedly agree. I, too, have been blessed by and am thankful for the strong stand LHT takes contending for the faith.

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