1. Michelle Yoder

    Thankyou for sharing this article. I would have associated other books written by her as “good” because I knew of Hinds Feet…This issue of suggesting authors to people, my family of adult daughters mostly, is constant. Books are so endless from Christian publishers. It is becoming more difficult to discern without doing research! I had a good handle on it while raising daughters in the early 2000’s, I think often of how it will be when they have children and want to supply Christian books and stories. I will continue to rely on Christian discernment ministries! But even so, I must go to the Lord directly through His Word in prayer and ask the Lord to lead, give wisdom and discernment.

  2. Jeannette

    Thank you for this article. Before I had much in the way of discernment I read that book several times. However, I couldn’t help contrasting it with Pilgrim’s Progress.

    Hind’s Feet appealed to my love of fantasy stories as well as my love for God, which was genuine enough but probably relied more on emotion than was healthy. I was partly aware of the fact even then but still read the book. Looking back I believe Hind’s Feet, and its sequel, fed something spiritually out of kilter in my own life that resonated with that of Hannah Hurnard. I’m so grateful to God that He began to deal with it and kept me from going the same way she did.

    Pilgrim’s Progress on the other hand has a “Cleanness” about it like the difference between a cool summer breeze through an open window and a room containing a vase of those sweet but slightly cloying lilies whose pollen stains everything it touches.

  3. Peter V. Olsen

    The link to PFO’s website is dead. Can it be restored? I would like to read the article.
    – Peter

  4. L. Windsong

    Thank-you for sharing this information with us. May we all follow Jesus correctly! And it is so important for writers to spread the truth. It is a great responsibility……to not spread error!

  5. Ahava

    I remember this book being very popular in Roman Catholic Charismarcircles in the ‘80’sj.

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