1. Jan

    Dear Lighthouse Trails,
    Wycliffe Global Alliance’s ecumenical associate “The Lausanne Movement” heralds the ‘success’ of the Pentecostal Church to reach various cultures. The ‘healings’ that now go along with their theology is bringing new “converts.” But is the Gospel truly
    ineffective without healings? Now the written Word is being declared ineffective without the miraculous. This ‘ministry’ is also allowing cultures to keep their false gods. Quote: “By presenting the Holy Spirit as a good and more powerful Spirit, Pentecostal dualism allows its adherents to maintain their indigenous Spiritual cosmology.” (Why Pentecostalism Has Succeeded among Animists – Lausaunne Movement.”) (https://lausanne.org/content/lga/2021-01/pentecostalism-in-african-christianity)

    Thank you,

  2. Jan

    Dear Lighthouse Trails,

    Wycliffe Global Alliance embraces the “Orality Movement” which focuses on Bible “story telling” (to reach unbelievers) with watered- down Scriptures. What is added is songs, poems and chantings. This concept came from Catholic priest Walter Ong who actually believed that the spoken word is conducive and the written word restricts. (This is a very clever ploy by Satan to eradicate God’s written Word, and reflects the war in the Church today: The (false) “voice of God” the (false) “Rhema”, warring against the true “Logos,” the written Word of God.) Though the story telling can be helpful to those who respond better to ‘hearing,’ the Scriptures, however, are not the sole focus.
    (Oral Bible Translation Moves to the Forefront – Wycliffe Global Alliance) Discernment editor E.W. Williams says: “Story Runners, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, has provided a storytelling tip sheet for crafting a story. Bible crafters are told to avoid words and phrases used in some Bible translations not used in everyday speech which can be confusing. “Instead of ‘sin,’ consider using the phrase ‘disobedience to God.’ Other difficult words to avoid include righteous, forgive, atonement, baptism, repent, and saved.” Williams continues: “The deception of the oral Bible is that it crafts Scripture to make it culturally appropriate and worldview-sensitive. It offers a non-offensive Gospel that is not the Gospel of truth.” (“Beware of the Orality Movement” -E.S. Williams-The Bible League Trust)

    “Watch and warn…” Acts 20:28-30
    Thank you, Jan

  3. Well said Jen. And not only does contemplative prayer make one feel good, it makes one vulnerable to demonic activity. This is something most don’t seem to understand (that it’s serious and dangerous business).

  4. Jen

    ‘……we wonder in dismay when the church (namely, its leaders and pastors) will begin to take the contemplative issue seriously and warn about it rather than aiding and abetting it.’

    In this visible 2 Tim age of self everything, leaders and pastors further feed into the pit of me, myself and I.
    Not all of course, but the church growth movement of Warren et al, skirts anything that would unseat people. Contemplatives fall into the same category of making YOU feel good. If you’ve never met the risen Christ….. ‘Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?”
    Luke24:32 The message from the pulpit each week should convict some area of our lives to correct, not words that consistently wrap us in warm quilts with a pat on the head and an ice cream cone as we leave the sanctuary.

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