1. L.B.S.

    Thank you for this post about John Mark Comer. I had not heard of him before but I checked to see if he was on RightNow Media and he is hosted there as well. The church that I attended (and friends and family members still attend – a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church) continues to utilize RightNow Media and I cannot help thinking that it is influencing ever more churches who subscribe to that media. I think of it as a visual distraction away from the written word of God much like I think of the visual idols present in the Catholic church (I was raised as a Catholic). It is so much easier to be swept away with a good visual rather than seek God through his written word. Eye candy for the masses and it rots away the teeth of the truth!

  2. Jeffry

    Thank you Lighthouse for this fraud alert. How many of these colleges actually use The Bible? Read the Bible? Study the Bible? Pray for God’s help? Sadly how many teachers in these colleges believe they are preaching the Gospel? Satan is doing a great work ? Pray Christians Pray!!!!!

  3. Kathren Stehno

    Thank you Lighthouse Trails for your continuous work in revealing Satan’s work within the church.
    I am a professor at a Pentecostal University. I am a Baptist by denomination and a fervent follower of the Holy Word given to us by God’s design plan. Nothing outside of His word should be considered as replacement or additional theology.
    A few of the professors who are in the divinity department have gone into the contemplative movement. It is disheartening.

  4. Realist

    Just discovered a large (formerly good) church in our area that is into this – very sad. You can often pick up clues by the churches websites. My guess is that you would be hard pressed to find churches that aren’t at least a little affected by these and other deceptions. Up until 5 years ago I played in a brass group for 10 years. We performed at a broad mix of denominations. I was amazed at what came from some of the pulpits; but I am more amazed at the congregations that just blindly followed. I am eternally thankful for parents and grand parents who knew the Bible deeply. They often had to confront evil creeping into churches that they/we belonged to. They (and ultimately God) passed on to me the gift of having the intuition to recognize red flags; and to follow up the concern with some homework/research to see what the real truth is. And not be deceived by: a catchy (misnamed) title to a program, book, article, trend, or fad; or be sucked in by someone’s gravitas, slick presentation and fake humbleness. Keep up your great often thankless ministry, and providing a solid source for those tracking down answers resulting from red flags. Thank you for promoting that the Bible should be our ultimate source, not a mystic.

  5. Gary

    “Monks” would not have been gender confused, they were soteriology confused, these boys played with their hair and breathed too much hair spray.

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