1. Ian Oz

    Hi LINDA,

    God Bless you for taking a strong interest in your grandchildren’s walk in Christ Jesus. Those small, yet significant things like not opening the Bible or even mentioning Bible verses are a sure sign of building the children’s future upon a weak spiritual foundation. What can be done? 1. Pray without ceasing. Jesus is faithful to hear your desires for your children. 2. Read the Bible with your grandchildren. Make it a norm and God’s Word will become that foundation upon which God will build. 3. Continue being salt and light and reflect the true light and love of Jesus upon all those around you. Your grandchildren, along with many others, will be the inheritors of God’s many blessings and fruit.

  2. Linda Eastman

    I am very concerned about our churches in Cornwall as there is a big move towards support for creation fest Many young people are being drawn to this event including my own grandchildren Is Brian Brodersons teachings harmful or as my church elder says We must do church in a way that attracts the youngsters When I have helped out in the Sunday school the bible is not opened or mentioned there is no prayer and the teaching amounts to clips from u tube Do you have any advice for me and for the church leaders thank you Linda

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