1. Carol Ackerman

    I would like to add my pastor to the list for receiving your booklets. Pastor Joe Parsons 5959 Twp Road 501 Big Prairie, Ohio 44611 Thank you!

  2. T. I. Miller

    LHT is a watchman on wall. They are standing in the gap. They are boldly defending the faith. However, just as you can lead a horse to water but cannot make him drink, you can send pastors the truth but you cannot make them think. Am I to harsh on pastors, perhaps. That is nothing compared to the day they will be called to account by God.

  3. Jeffry

    We pray this 8th Booklet sent out by Lighthouse Trails will be read by Christian Leaders, Pastors and Born Again Christians everywhere. The first Booklet on Mindfulness should be read by every parent in the world. The side effects of Meditation is so dangerous. It is correct to say some meditation is like playing Russian Roulette with peoples lives. The second Booklet on the practice of reading scripture. It explains clearly how Eastern Mystics have attempted to replace Bible study and praying. So called Catholic Mystics are turning people to a Mystical Delusion. In the Garden of Eden the Serpent told Eve, Hath God SAID? Every tree not eat? You will surely not die. Eve saw the fruit was good for food, nice to look at and will make me wise. What could go wrong? Thank you Lighthouse Trails for teaching Gods word. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Linda Rose Lovelace

    Yes, I have two more for you: Wendy Hogan Lake Murray Community Church 5777 Lake Murray Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942 and Donnie Dee President and CEO San Diego Rescue Mission 120 Elm Street, San Diego, CA 92101 Thanks so much!

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