1. T. I. Miller

    You are correct, Gail Todd, it does smell like the ancient Gnostic lies. The allure of learning of some secret superior enlightened understanding is as tempting as the forbidden fruit.
    False converts are easily tempted to practice sin so that grace might abound. False converts do not enter into the peace and rest of being in Christ. They seek some deeper emotional or intellectual experience beyond being an, “ordinary Christian”. The so called age of enlightenment and reason led to early forms of the social gospel. Then comes the, New Perspective on Paul telling us that we have had the wrong gospel for 20 centuries. Then comes Pandora’s emergent church box.
    The real danger in the seeker friendly church. The bottom line is they prefer to offend God than the laity. They will not boldly defend the faith and denounce false teachers. By being silent about the wolves in sheep’s clothing they stop being shepherds and become hirelings. They have fed the laity milk for so long most believe they are eating meat.
    Tell the elders that we are in the midst of a great apostasy and you will be stoned and left for dead.
    Telling the truth is slandered as being trouble makers stirring up strife. They get so upset with you they sit in their yoga position and retreat into their meditative trance. Maranatha Lord even so come quickly.

  2. Heidi Lavoie

    Each and every false religion seeks to gain merit or acceptance from God via their own works, as stated above, “seek to gain spiritual vitality through the ancient Christian practice…..:. The deception has become so terrible most cannot see the difference between the Gospel and the false ways of all the religious systems of the world. When one applies technique or looks for experience, they have stepped onto the road of deception. And Satan stands ready to supply it for them.

  3. Gail Todd

    There is nothing more deadly to the Christian Church than this Emergent/Contemplative Movement! Mysticism is identical to Gnosticism. In Revelation this practice was referred to as “Depths of Satan”! This practice is always a journey down into lower vibrational levels. The light, or figure, that makes contact with you is not Jesus or Mary, but an angel who serves Satan! This is a path of death for your soul! Christian meditation always has a subject or object of the preposition. Contemplation is not in my Concordance! We are told to fill our minds with that which is excellent, praise worthy etc. , not empty our mind and practice being non judgmental. Jesus told us that an empty mind is vulnerable to demonic possession!

  4. John J

    Whenever someone says or suggests a ‘move of God,’ then it’s not. It’s a simple technique used by Calvinists and the like (as in the article), so you don’t question (how dare you!) their godly motives (as determined by themselves).

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