1. Teri Jeter

    A Christian has no business using Marijuana (Cannabis) or any of its derivatives. It is a matter of what is pleasing to the Lord. Remember, satan is subtle and will use anything to bring disgrace to the name of Christ. We are to ABSTAIN from every appearance of evil. Using it IS NOT what God intended. God also made hemlock. That doesn’t mean we are to use it. Education is not the key, but what does God say about it. His Word MUST be our final authority of faith and practice.

  2. CBD oil is not addictive when no THC is present. THIS is how God intended it, just like the other 1000’s of herbs and plants He created!! I use the pure oil and will never stop because of the health benefits. Education is key, not old outdated ideas.

  3. Karen

    I will lisen to this. I would also love to hear something on “The Christian and Alcohol”. There are so many “Sipping Saints” today that they look like the world.

  4. Shirley Roy

    God rebuked me for smoking pot after I was saved❗️He also rebuked me for smoking cigarettes.

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