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  1. Anna Rosa

    Yes, and this is the sad landscape all over Europe after the migrant invasion backed by pope francis. They have stopped going to church either due to falling away or from the churches apostasizing. So they sit empty and this is what fills the void, a false and dangerous religion. Pretty soon there will be only sharia courts left in London. I can’t help but think of all those Bible verses about what happens when God’s people reject Him and turn to rebellious ways and He lets them have their wish and the surrounding nations invade and enslave them and so on. For more information on this, there is a site called Jihad Watch that has daily updates about the islamization of Europe and terrorism, the fruit of this false religion. Another thing, this reminds me of how Constantinople was captured by the islamists and that was a total blood bath and churches were turned into mosques as well. This time democracy and all of Western civilization and Christian influence goes out with a whimper instead of a bang. But there are bangs, and there is and will be more blood. That is unavoidable now. The only important thing remains to live and die loyally for Jesus, that is all that we can control.

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