1. Jo

    That’s why I am going, to tell them the TRUTH. First comes the truth then if they decide that they do not want to accept the truth, I will separate myself from them. We have done studies in the past that we worked through the Bible, no leaven but now it seems they prefer tickling of the ears…..you are right, I will need to leave. (Although, Paul corrected his friends when they were trying to tell the gentiles that they needed to be circumcised). So this is my prayer, that God will change their hearts and they become more discerning about what they read. I would ask that you pray for this group of women to get wisdom first, then understanding. Thank you for your caring thoughts and words. Blessings to you

  2. Grady

    perhaps, I missed something. But why are you still attending this study, scripture tells us to separate ourselves from works of darkness. The phrase ” . And she takes about who Jesus had for outer, middle and center heart friends” is a lie one should not listen to.

  3. Heidi Lavoie

    Over the past twenty plus years I have seen so much deception come into the church, after the Lord graciously opened my eyes and delivered me out of the Charismatic Movement, in 1999. One of the fads that came out, around the year 2000 was “The Prayer of Jabez”. Someone lent me a copy and I began to read it and then I thought, OK, I will try praying this prayer once every day for thirty days as the book prescribed. The first day I did that, the Lord severely chastened me, and I was jerked back to reality. I immediately confessed to Him my wrong and got rid of the book. Anything that lays out a method or strategy — doing something, praying something repeatedly, for obtaining blessings from God, or for any reason, is occultism. I should have known better, but I thank God that he immediately delivered me from that snare. I thank Him daily for my deliverance from all the deception I was under and ask for continued discernment. I haven’t been following the latest occult devices that have appeared on the scene so the one mentioned above is new to me, but not surprising, as there is no end to what the devil is throwing out there to keep his fake christianity going.
    One book I am re-reading right now is “Reinventing Jesus Christ” by Warren Smith [now titled False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?]. This is one of his best writings and if anyone knows someone deceived by the New Age, this would be a good resource to offer them.

  4. Jeffry

    Excellent Article again Warren. All of us need to read and study what we need to do right now. Also read Zechariah 12:1-14. Planetary Pentecost, a great move of God? They say “ outdated Theology, they suffer from unsatisfied Theism, they want to touch the Mystical Heart and they want a birth of second Axial Age Religion? God’s word me use to them. A few comments from Zechariah 12: 1-9. The main theme of the first 9 verses of Chapter 12 is Israel’s sudden deliverance by the interposition of God and the destruction of the armies of the confederated anti-christian world powers in the final siege of Jerusalem. Zechariah 12: 1 Thus saith God, Jehovah, He that created the heavens and stretches them forth. He that spread abroad the earth and that which cometh out of it. He that giveth the breath onto the people upon it and spirit to them who walk there in. God stretches out the heavens every day afresh and every dayHe lays the foundation of the earth, which, if His Power did not uphold it, would move from its orbit and fall into ruin. He that forms the spirit of man within him. It does not refer merely to the creation of the spirits and souls of men once for all, but denotes the continuous creative formation and guidance of the human spirit by the Spirit of God. The Bible is clear, God created and controls all things. God choose the Jewish people to be a blessing for the world he created. The New Agers need to read the Bible and stop trying to be God themselves.

  5. GJ

    What I’ve thought about with the current arctic blast… the trendy, alternative, government subsidized unprofitable (that’s why it’s subsidized) will fail when the anomaly storm hits leaving one cold and dark. Reliance on the politically despised, old, boring, but proven and reliable fossil fuels have been reduced or eliminated. Similar for the trendy new age mysticism occult that can buzz the senses, for now. The tested, proven, and true Gospel of the Kingdom of God causes slow, sometimes painful, growth of profitability of bearing fruit of the Holy Spirit for a lasting prosperous future. The pursuit of the “popular field of dreams” barren of the mind of Christ, the Holy Spirit, leads to poverty.

  6. Jo

    I don’t know how many times I have tried to warn people of the impending disasters that are building up like the icebergs in the titanic story! There is leaven that like a yeast grows while it sits waiting to be used. In a Bible study that I go to seems to be (unknowingly) dipping into the jar of leaven. The Bible study we are doing now is “Becoming Heart Sisters”. It is about friendship and ones outer heart friends, middle heart friends and center heart friends. And she takes about who Jesus had for outer, middle and center heart friends. It’s by Natalie Chambers Snapp. The FIRST thing I do before I even read the study is that I look up the authors name and then check the notes or index to see where or if they are dipping into the leaven jar. MOST are! This particular study talks about using Lectio Divina and how to do it. I spend more time trying to make a case of looking where we are going instead of blindly walking a path we have no idea where it will lead. I bought the pamphlets by the editors there at Lighthouse Trails to give out before we get to that chapter. ( Lectio Divina, what is it?). The whole time I am reading the work book I am trying to look for problems with the wording and teaching. I’ve renamed the study “Fellowship Sisters” because the heart is continuously evil…who can know it?

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