1. Jeffry

    Manning Johnson has shown us that Communists have been trying to take over America for over 90 years. How close are they? The Democratic Party leaders in our country are Marxist, Godless Hate Christianity and Satanists. Their plan is to get rid of Christianity. This Pandemic that is seeing Americans shoot each other at a grocery store because they are not wearing a mask or for wearing a mask! This Covid-19 means this flu virus has now been here for the 19th year in a row because it keeps mutating! How many people got flu shoots this year? A virus does not need a vaccine. The Head of CDC first said no masks now he says wear them when you go out. Why? He is told what to say and do from the Satanists in charge. “Truth” is what they say it is. Pray Christians, we all need to pray and fast. The Shout is not far off!!

  2. Manning Johnson also testified about such things before the House American Activities Committee.

    Thomas Dixon predicted this in his last novel, The Flaming Sword (1939), which is about a Communist plot to take over the United States, using blacks as pawns. You can download it free here: https://muse.jhu.edu/book/10071

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