1. Sandy L Stewart

    Finally! I have come across this website in all my searching for validation of what I have been so concerned about in my own church. They have started using the lectio divina, contemplative prayer, imaginative praying (they are teaching the kids this), spiritual ‘directors’ and faithwalking. Not just my church, but the entire church organization, which involves hundreds of churches wordwide. Our former pastor retired a little over a year ago, and the new pastor, a younger guy in his late 30’s, has brought these practices with him, or he’s been indoctrinated into them by the parent organization. There are even a couple of ‘sustainable faith’ orders under the umbrella of the big church organization. The leader ( I can’t refer to him as a pastor now) of the order in Ohio is the author of books on imaginative prayer, including the one our church is using on kids.

    I knew I wasn’t going crazy, and that my concerns have been spot on. Thanks so much for your information.

  2. To start with, make sure he or she is fully equipped in understanding what it really is: ecumenical, interspiritual, emergent, contemplative. It’s not the innocent thing that Dallas Theological Seminary and other schools are trying to make it out to be.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    What should a freshman college student do if he is required to take Spiritual Formation classes in order to graduate?

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    I have tried to tell family members about these pastors but they do not believe me. Discernment ministries is a bad word. So I am basically alone in my thoughts about spiritual formation, disciplines, etc.

  5. Rebecca Wack

    May God richly bless you as you continue to sound the warning trumpet on this heresy. I am so grateful for finding your ministry, about 7 years ago. I have been trying to warn Christians about this dangerous teaching, giving names of well respected teachers who are bringing these lies into the church. They are blinded as they don’t want to believe that Swindoll, Jeremiah and Warren would teach error. I had to make a major move last fall and was trying to find a Bible believing and teaching church. I have been attending a Berean Bible Church and did not know that they are similar to the Baptist Church. I have not heard anything, from the pulpit or members regarding Spiritual Formation but am keeping my ears open, as it could happen here. I thank God for you, as you continue to serve on the front lines, in the battle.

  6. Michael

    Hi T.I. Miller, This is precisely the point and why we had no option but to leave. The pastor was given ample warning and information to help him know the dangers. However, he opted to proceed with this Spiritual Director’s appointment as ‘pastor’, albeit with some rather weak controls in place. This is highly inappropriately. Sadly, too many pastors just want to be “nice” to everyone. Sadly, since we left, more people have learned why but either don’t see a problem, prefer to do nothing, or simply don’t know where else to go. All the more reason why Pastor’s will have a lot to answer for, because often the sheep aren’t protected, nor taught and/or don’t know what else to do…

  7. T. I. Miller

    There is great tragic irony about any pastor allowing any apostate strange wind of doctrine into the congregation. Pastor is mentioned only once. It is listed with Apostles, prophets and evangelists. All of whom have their major duties to Christ spelled out for all to see. They are to educate the flock against such things. They are to expose the cunning, crafty and deceit of men. Anyone who lets strange winds toss the sheep to and fro is no pastor but rather a wolf in sheeps clothing. They are shaking their fists in Gods face by either advocacy or by conspiracy by silence. This is why all teachers will be judged more harshly. Furthermore any saint who who does not hold their so called pastor accountable shares in their sins.

  8. J. Parry

    I am another one (from the UK) who didn’t know that this horrible “Prayer” movement had already invaded the (traditionally Evangelical and Bible based) church/organisation that the Lord led me to join a few years ago. During my time there, I have been richly blessed and He has changed and strengthened me greatly. But I recently found that it is not just a few fringe people but denominational leaders who are promoting “Spiritual Formation” etc, and even producing literature and teaching courses on it. The pastor seems to have no idea of the danger, naively pushing these practices, though in a low key form, so far, as an exploration of “New ways of prayer”. I did attempt to warn the local leaders last year, but knew so little myself then, except that the fellowship was in danger. Lighthouse Trails literature has been a tremendous help in finding out more of what the Enemy is up to. It seems that all God has done in my life since coming to the church has been leading up to this – to prepare me to stand and warn, whether they listen or not. I believe that the pastor genuinely means well and is trying so very hard to serve God – that’s the sad thing.

  9. CW

    Unfortunately, I know it is true that there are still Christians who don’t know about the dangers of Spiritual Formation. A good friend does believe the warnings about Rick Warren because her mom has told her, (but I don’t think she used the term “Spiritual Formation”), with much proof. But when I tried to tell her about David Jeremiah and Chuck Swindoll, with evidence such as you have given here, I don’t think she believed me. She likes to listen to them on Christian radio. I’m praying that she will not be deceived in any way. I’ve also passed along that info to friends whose children have been graduating high school for several years and preparing to go to Christian colleges, but I can’t tell that they are getting it. It is beyond sad.

  10. T. I. Miller

    My first church, after being saved, was a Society of Friends Church. This was back in 81. In a Sunday school class we studied Foster’s, a Quaker professor, book Celebration of Discipline. It was the perfect book for those who teach that you can lose your salvation on the one hand and that sinless perfection is attainable on the other hand. I was robbed of the joy of my salvation under that impossible burden of fear and self loathing. The chapter on Visualizing during prayer bothered many but not all of us. This false teaching is by far and away one of the most deadly of all of Satan’s lies. I will wager that this article will not generate one tech the comments as on Calvinism.

  11. Susan

    We began to sit up and take notice of the new names being quoted and ideas of repeating two words over and over for 20 minutes (and much more) five years ago and our research brought us to this website as well as others. And we are thankful for the exposure of certain names and trends we found here. Our eyes were opened…… Quotes from the pulpit were made to sound good but what a shock to do an internet search and find they came from a catholic buddhist mystic. In a conservative evangelical church! Few noticed or cared. Still most people sit in the congregation half asleep, barely opening their bible, rarely making a note of something to check and presuming that what comes from a pulpit must be truth. And not to be questioned as with all “new things” God is supposedly doing. I remember it being the same in the ’70s, puzzling over the delight exhibited in catholics also ‘speaking in tongues’ a phenomenon that now was supposedly a uniting factor….. But to speak up is to be labelled divisive and endure all manner of slander but here and there people listen and have their eyes opened. Thanks for the info LHT.

  12. Michael

    On the contrary, more still needs to be said…!!! Spiritual Formation continues to expand and infiltrate a growing number of churches throughout Australia. It has found its way into virtually every Bible College (Seminary), and now the various Baptist unions have incorporated Spiritual Formation as part of a wider ‘Formation’ process for the induction of new Pastors. Not only are existing partners and leaders oblivious to the dangers, it is completely passing the discernment radars of virtually all new church leaders that are being trained and coming through the ranks. My wife and I very recently left a Baptist church we have been a part of for 7 years that just appointed a Spiritual Director to an Associate Pastor position. Both this lady (yes, it is a female ‘pastor’) and her husband are trained and practicing Spiritual Directors as well as ordained Reverends with the Baptist Union. The Senior Pastor and leaders were made fully aware of the dangers and issues of Spiritual Formation, but still knowingly and willingly proceeded with her appointment regardless. It’s so sad to see and increasing number of churches being totally oblivious to the dangers of this movement and the ways Satan is using this to subvert so many once-sound churches and Christians everywhere.

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