1. michael

    in as much as ye have judged another ye have done it unto thee…Marianne has helped thousands of souls, and women heal from trauma, sexual abuse, addictions, and much more….all of you judgemental christians here, why dont u go out onto the streets and preach to hookers, drug addicts, lost souls and stop projecting your own beliefs, please! mindfulness meditation has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, it speaks for itself! my god cant u do any better than this low vibratory one sentence judgements! how sad!

  2. Nina Perruccio

    I think you better rethink your statement about Marianne not being a New Ager. The teachings of A Course in Miracles contradict Holy Scripture, Tradition, and Authentic Biblical Teaching; claiming that: Jesus was NOT God, the devil does not exist, and there’s no such thing as evil, or sin.”as the Course teaches that man’s fall from Grace in the Garden of Eden never happened— and that Holy Scripture cannot be trusted, as Christ’s apostles misinterpreted his message and taught in error.pgs. These false tenets alone clearly show that the channeled spirit who wrote them, while claiming to be Jesus, is in fact, a counterfeit Christ .
    The teachings of A Course in Miracles have FAILED many, if not all, of the standard “tests of discernment” the Church has used for centuries, to distinguish a true and Godly spirit from a false one.

  3. John

    I spotted that too. That’s how deception works, and it’s also part of the Endowment effect in action. Endowment effect: people assign more value to things simply because they own them. Many New Agers and members of other cults have invested heavily into those things and will feel a “loss” if they now turn their back on it. I mean, all those books, DVDs, T-shirts, seminars, blah, blah. Not to mention pride…


    You’ve said she is not a New Ager but she and you recommend A Course in Miracles, which is a New Age bible. Lol! 😉

  5. John J

    Williamson is the average New Ager; a control freak, and delusional. Okay, so if she seized power via the power of the universe (which is probably the equivalent of a spent 9-Volt battery), she’d run things her way, or . . . what? What if she took over and people refuse to bow down to her New Age gods?

    The objectives of and comparisons between New Agers and another manmade system are eerily similar. Once upon a time, there lived a vicious murderer, a spreader of blasphemous falsehoods. This control freak also had his crazy ideas and had tried to rule the world his way. But the devil’s righthand man Calvin could not turn Geneva into the New Jerusalem (for thousands of obvious reasons). It was a “big fail,” as the youngsters would say today.

    There is one force at play; it has different faces.

    Williamson poses as big a danger to society/the world as any false religion/cult. If Americans use their intelligence, this Williamson should get nowhere but Cuckooland where she can play with the other little control freaks.

    A country should be lead by a proper leader; a strong president, one who has the needs of his people at the top of his agenda, and not one who has his/her own needs at the top of the agenda. Has someone said “Hitler”? “Calvin”? No difference.

  6. Hilda

    She is not a New Ager; she was asked this question and she definitely said no. It’s a great misunderstanding among many people. She cares about children’s needs which have been greatly neglected in our society, unfortunately. FYI – mindfulness training is basically helping children to be in the present moment — not being attached to the past nor being stuck with the future (both are the reasons for fear and anxiety). Being in the present is where love is — love is not in fear and anxiety). They are encouraged to appreciate life now in the moment and pay attention to what is happening right now as often as possible. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is all about removing blocks to awareness of love’s presence and forgiving — the foundation of inner peace. This is the aim of ACIM. It’s beautiful and greatly needed by all of us. Let people hear her views and decide for themselves. Peace.
    “It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair adults.” ~ Marianne Williamson
    “There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost.” ~ ACIM, W-p1.164:4:2

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    She is a scary person! We must protect our babies and children from this woman.

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