1. T. I. Miller

    I’m reminded of the false book, the so called gospel of Judas. In this book it makes out Judas to be the hero. How can this be? One must understand the Gnostic teachings. It is steeped in dualism. Everything good is purely spiritual. This is the creation of the greater god. Everything corrupt is physical it is material. this is the creation of the lessor god. Judas supposedly did Jesus a favor by quickening the release of his pure spirit from his corrupt flesh. this author is thinking along the same insane lines. Killing the human body is therefore always a good thing. In this devilish lie it is only then that that you escape the dominion of the lessor god of physical creation. then you freed to merge, so to speak, with the superior totally spiritual god. In other words the, according to the gnostics, the God of the bible the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is a lessor and rebellious lessor god. They, the Gnostics claim to have a hidden secret higher knowledge about good and evil. This is why the anti-gnostic epistles emphasis the physical resurrection the bodily resurrection of our Lord and Savior. The gnostics deny this truth. Jesus had to be resurrected purely spiritually in their twisted lie from the pit of hell. As with so much heresy it is the new telling of an old lie.

  2. CW

    I read recently that Oprah Winfrey was originally named Orpah, the Bible’s spelling of the name of Naomi’s other daughter-in-law, the one who did not renounce idolatry, but turned back to Moab. According to that report, her relatives began misspelling it soon after she was born, and it became a pattern still used today. I’ve always thought, How odd that a parent would name a little baby for such an ungodly woman! Very strange indeed.

  3. E lizabeth Bennett

    In the history of Ruth. Orpah is the daughter-in-law who returned to her idol-worshipping relatives in Moab.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    These new-age, emergents have one thing in common: they are all arrogant and think they know more than the God of creation. I pity them and pray they will repent before it is too late.

  5. Marty Bonner

    It is interesting that Orpah, though loving Naomi greatly, is the one who “has gone back to her people and to her gods (Ruth 1:15).” Ruth was the Moabite who turned towards the One True God, but Orpah was the Moabite who turned back to her false gods and unrighteous people. With that in mind, it seems she was not “leavened away” from her biblical name, but rather has lived out the pattern to a “T.”

  6. CW

    Also — another deception — a lot of liberals seem to have no idea that Hitler was very influenced by Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theories. Have they really never read the subtitle of Darwin’s book The Origin of the Species? Really? How did they not see the subtitle when they read the book as students, and how is it that teachers/professors, who are ostensibly unprejudiced, don’t point it out? Again, how blind can people be??? Margaret Sanger, upon whose ideology and theories Planned Parenthood is based, was similarly influenced. Bottom line to me about the article here: As it is written in Isaiah 5, people now call evil good and good evil. God is just and Judgment is coming!

  7. CW

    I was reminded, as I read this, of the fact that Roma Downey said that Oprah is “on fire with the Holy Spirit”. How blind can one be??? Oprah may be “on fire”, but she does not know the one true God, she does not know the Holy Spirit. She is deceived by unholy spirits.

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