1. Vic,
    You are right to say that we, as Christian believers, need to search our hearts to see if we are guilty of racism. We should be searching our hearts always and asking God to purify our hearts of all sin. However, those who are declaring (such as the Black Lives Matter leaders) that basically every white person is a racist for the mere fact he or she is white is utterly wrong. Trying to create a utopian “cleansed” environment through Critical Race Theory (i.e., systemic racism) will not rid the world of racism. It will, however, create suspicion, disunity, hate, and Draconian control in society. Racism is an issue of man’s sinful heart, as all sin is. And tragically, it’s the one thing that the mainstream media, leftist leaders, protest leaders, etc. don’t want to talk about and most deny even exists.

    With regard to Jeffry’s comment about Mr. Floyd, hopefully you are not thinking that because he referred to the final autopsy report that would make him a racist.

  2. Vic

    Was it really necessary to mention the final autopsy report? What does that have to do with Mr. Floyd’s murder? Do you think that excuses it? That is exactly how comments like that is taken.

    We were all sinners before we accepted Jesus’ sacrifice. Many of us have done some pretty horrible acts. Thank God, we are forgiven!

    At this time we need to search our hearts to see if we are guilty of racism. This has to be rooted out of the Church, believe me it exists. Remember Jesus died for everyone. How many is that? – EVERYONE!

    And we need to pray for Mr. Floyd’s family and this country. Come Jesus Com!

  3. Jeffry

    It is sad that George Floyd died at the hands of the police. It is also sad that rioters killed and destroyed and looted places of business. Also sad was George Floyd’s final autopsy. They found marijuana, speed and 4 times the level of the opioid Fentanyl in his body. This is very sad.

  4. Jeffry

    The Lord saved me on august 1st 1983 at the age of 32. While in college I was a rebel without a clue. A liberal wanting to change the world. Marxist Ideology was In full swing. I was “championing the oppressed”. Marxist leaders could call all of us “Useful Idiots”. Why? Because we were helping them to destroy our own society for their Communist cause. Most of the media today is owned by Marxist/Communist satanists. Good is bad and bad is good. They are liars. Truth is bad . The riots are good to them. Riots are bad to us. Many in Our Government seems to side with rioters and have been handcuffing the police. Pray for peace. We live in dangerous times.

  5. CW

    Thank You so much for posting the truth about this here!

    I heard from a friend in California last night. Her home is near an area where businesses are boarding up their windows and doors because of riots and that’s also not far from her workplace. She is staying with some friends right now who live far from the riots.

    At this point she is still going to work, but she may start working from home if this continues. She has been skeptical in the past about things like this — ironically, she thought the mainstream media made things seem worse than they really were (which they do if they’re talking about conservatives) — but is seeing the truth firsthand now.

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