1. Julie Steadman

    Yes absolutely. What with Bethel (Bill Johnsons) dominion theology (latter rain, manifest sons of God & todays incarnation the New Apostolic Reformation or the Now and Now of the kingdom BEFORE Jesus returns) combined with their books like The Physics of Heaven. Alice Bailey (witch) also believes that they will bring Gods kingdom to earth.

    So yes its all ripe for the great apostasy. Also incredibly worrying is that Daniel Kolenda (took over from Reinhaart Bonkhe’s Christ for all Nations) has endorsed Power Portals by Joshua Mills as has Bill Johnson.

    Daniel Kolenda has a you tube video on why he is not part of the New Apostolic Reformation but either he is being dishonest or he doesn’t know that much about it.

  2. Andy Metz

    The seven heads of the scarlet-colored Beast that Mystery Babylon, mother of harlots rides: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, the last days Revived Roman Empire- the 10 Nation confederation of the Beast.

  3. Ahava

    Having been in a Marian apparition cult and a devotee of contemplative prayer until the Lord Jesus Christ…….the only begotten Son of God…….delivered me from it and the Roman Catholic Church; I have seen this coming for many years now. It has spread it’s branches into many churches in a multitude of deceptive ways.

  4. GJ

    Good point on what goes on in Babylon. I just finished a study on Babylon and Egypt. https://hopeishereblog.wordpress.com/in-and-out-3/

    In context of this 70 year life span, what did Israel face in Babylon? Was it similar to what we do? Either they
    went into captivity as children to come out at the end of their days [when the Lord returns at the end of this age, some of us will be old]… they were born into it [some young, and prime-of-life, will be caught up]… or they
    went to the grave during [with the last trump, those dead in Christ shall rise first]. To be released from
    bondage, they all had to learn, believe, and hold onto what God told them through the Prophets—in captivity,
    they had to maintain their faith in God. Sound familiar on how we’re admonished to stay steadfast to the end?

  5. Winnie

    Excellent, concise breakdown of end times deception. The New Age today has so many forms and Ray nails it.

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