1. Brian

    True. I’m a single father of 5, and I homeschool, and if I can do it so can everyone else. I had them in public school for about 2 years, and the elementary school was already trying the gender “neutral” nonsense in our school. The principal was a transplant from New York, (I’m in Alaska) and she brought about liberal change with a vengeance – she was definitely sent with a mission.

    Now, 4 years later, 4 out of the 15 or so kids in my oldest boy’s former class are professing homosexuals – these kids aren’t old enough to drive?!

    Truly, we are living in dark times.

  2. Jeffry

    AMEN Karl!! The Indoctrination of Satanists is to erase Christianity. The New World Order is trying to replace God with Satan. Whom do we serve God or Satan? Matthew 6:21, For were your treasurer is there will your Heart be also. The Lord Jesus came to seek and to save them which are lost. Matthew 6:24, You cannot serve God and Mammon. We are engaged in a Spiritual War with Good vs Evil. Matthew 5:48, Be ye perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect. Satanism is the religion of Death and Destruction. Revelation 12:9, That old Serpent, called the Devil and Satan which is deceiving the whole world. Satan is trying to deprogram us. Everything “American” is under attack. Christians pray and Remember God is Still on the Throne. He controls everything. Trust Him. For God so loved the world He gave His Only Begotten Son. Our sins will be remembered No More.

  3. Atheists don’t send their children to an evangelical Christian Sunday School one hour per week, but Christians send their children to the atheist public schools 30 hours per week. I am a retired teacher and unequivocally proclaim that there is no hope for America as long as Christians and conservatives allow their children to be indoctrinated in the pagan (a.k.a. “public”) schools. We must rescue our children!

  4. Jeffry

    Cultural Marxism has been Indoctrinating American Society for many years. Transgenderism, Homosexuality, Lesbians, LGBT, BLM, Anarchists and Marxists and Communists hate Christianity. Karl Marx thoughts of God was hatred. Many School Administrators, teacher activists and School Councilors are teaching our children how to have safe anal and virginal sex. ( Sick) . 6th graders are being asked if they are gay, lesbian or bisexual. (Sick). All schools are teaching that all white people are systematic racists. Their reasons for this white systematic Racism makes no sense whatsoever. I would give them a F grade for their failure to to prove anything. Christians with children Home School if you can. Should I say must homeschool? America is turning into a very dangerous place to live. Pray for our children, country and for all Christians to wake-up and see what has happened to us. Pray

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