1. Eddie L. Dean

    Mr. Rob, you do not know me. My name is Eddie and I read the question that you asked about mindfulness and what is wrong with it. First of all, I would like to ask you what do you understand about mindfulness without following through with the research behind it and it’s true implications behind it. As a society in whole we have a tendency to accept what is being offered not knowing all that is needed to be revealed. We believe that anything that sounds good can’t be bad, especially when it involves our children and there education. Our children are so special to us, so innocent and precious and we want to provide or do what may seem to be the best for them as a parent. Yes, I am a parent and and a grandparent and believe me as I was raising my children the main thing I wanted too was to make sure that they received the best education. Now back then, this certain program was not in existence, but I must confess that even if it was, I would not have agreed to allow my children to take part in it. You see, I and my family are believers in Jesus Christ and I brought them up knowing who God is and that our beliefs are centered around Him in light of what the rest of the world may teach. I am not replying to your message to condemn you in any way, but I feel in order to shed light on what you seek can only be found in the Word Of God. This mindfulness program is basically geared towards our young children and their complete innocence of their minds because they truly do not understand what they are doing as they yield themselves to open their minds to other influences other than that of the Lord. I do not know if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ Mr. Rob, nor do I know if you even believe in God, but what I do know is that what this program is offering is accepting a false non-religious figure in order to give a false peace and comfort to both the child and the parents that participate in this. Jesus Christ is the answer to any and all our problems no matter how young or how old. I believe that our children need a voice to speak for them in this matter rather than to allow them to be forced to take part in something that will do more harm than good just because others believe in this.

  2. You are very wrong Ruth, and your views are very dangerous for children. We have been explaining this for years. I’m not sure what more we can say to you. It seems you have made up your mind. But we do encourage you to research this issue.

  3. Ruth Sotherby

    Teaching children mindfulness and meditation will help them connect with the Holy Spirit. It will teach them to connect to God. Studies have shown that children who are taught meditation are less likely to be violent, suffer from anxiety and depression.

    Will someone please explain what is the threat in this in a response (and not offer to send a booklet)

    Thank you

  4. Kody

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand. What are they being indoctrinated into? Perhaps a better mascot could have been chosen to limit the connection to religious practice, but mindfulness, meditation, etc., are practices shown to help people with anxiety, depression, addiction, among other things. I’m unsure what negatives you and the OP are referring to. I’m a Registered Behavior Technician and we already teach kids in the third grade to use a lot of the strategies included in Mind Yeti, such as deep-breathing, to cope with challenging situations because research says it helps.

    Can someone explain what exactly is wrong with this? Thank you!

  5. Karen braden

    Thank you so much for this information. It is such a blessing to have access to ministries like Lighthouse Trails. When I told my husband about this Mind Yeti garbage he responded by saying how happy he is that I homeschool our son. My son has peace through the Spirit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My spirit just grieves over these children that are unknowingly being indoctrinated into the occult through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga (which literally means to yoke with). These children are being lied to, and taught a false sense of peace that is obtained by their own doing, or inner power’s. Parents need to be aware and instilling the Truth of the Word of God in our kid’s lives. How else can our children discern false spirits, and the false teachings that are being taught to them daily.

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