1. John J

    Yes, sexual immorality (sexual perversion) is one of the main goals and practices of any proper pagan (Wiccan). I knew a Canadian witch and it was just sex in everything; in her choice of music, films, books; even her so-called “career” was in the sex industry. Sex sells; of course, it does.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    The pagans all worshipped women deities and men deities. The R. Catholic Church worships Mary, the queen of Heaven, as they say. Very horrifying and evil. Jesus did not tell us to worship His mother; He told a woman, instead, obey God. Pagan worship has always led to sexual immorality, among other evils.

  3. John J

    I cringe to the max when so-called “church” people and self-appointed “leaders” speak of God’s or Jesus’ “feminine” side? What feminine side? I’m a guy, and I don’t have a feminine side. God incarnate was Jesus, not Jessie. People should concentrate on spreading the simple Gospel that saves, not the evil nonsense that condemns and predestines people to hell.

    One day, Iva, as you’ve pointed out, we’ll know more. God is spirit . . . I can’t even fathom it now altogether.

  4. Lovelett Knight

    God is both male and female…the Word says He created them both in his image.

  5. Iva

    Goddess worship at Bethel Redding sister church is wicked folly. How can people be so blind to the Word of God? They would rather believe a lie than the truth. Second Thessalonians 2:10-12…Deceiving and being deceived…Second Timothy 3:13…

  6. Iva

    God is Spirit. God is neither male nor female. I simply don’t envision or ‘relate’ to God as male and I certainly don’t relate to ‘goddess’, which is disgusting for it goes against what scripture tells us…God chose the masculine pronouns/patriarch way. I don’t know why but I know God is not a respecter of persons…All that ends when we get to heaven, praise God. Meanwhile, We mere humans made by God do not get to change scripture.

  7. Heidi Lavoie

    The article LHT posted by Carl Teichrib says it all, “Earth Day and a Total Transformation for a Post-Christian World”. Mother Earth is the Deity and the so called church is now switching over to worship of this pagan deity. And no marvel, they are already totally apostate, so don’t worship the true God anyway. But it is a seductive insidious attempt to get people to think their god is the true god. First, in the Shack, it was presented as allegory, and so this was a cunning way the enemy of our soul used to snare people into thinking of God in a different way by feminizing him. Carl states in his article: “In Grecian times, the supreme Earth deity was Gaia, also known as the Universal Mother.” This is where we are at, total blasphemy against God and total apostasy. And I don’t believe this is limited to only a few “churches”, it is spreading, as Carl states in his article that: “Sadly, pastors and congregations around the world are parroting the message of Earth Day and the leaders of global environmental governance.” We are on the verge of seeing this global counterfeit religion completely take shape.

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