1. Tracy Chesney

    As my much longer comment was perhaps understandably not included in this comment section, please allow me the opportunity to state my thoughts more clearly, and briefly. I think Lydia’s overall comments supporting the idea that we do not need to, nor should we feel compelled to bribe people with the Gospel is spot on. I do take issue with the comment that those who do not believe the Gospel do not deserve to receive a free clinic or other care from Christians. I will simply say that no one on earth deserves anything that God provides for us through any of his earthly servants , yet He does provide for us, and calls us to love and care for others. We are not given the authority by God to determine who “deserves” our good works, our acts of service toward others. He simply calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express this. Too many people have been hurt by legalism, and conditions being put on the Gospel. It is Gods Law that kills [our conscience, our belief in our own ability to save ourselves] and His Spirit [through the proclamation of the Gospel] that makes us alive to Him. Let us never diminish either God’s Law or His Gospel by confusing or mixing the two. Blessings to Lydia, and all who come here to Lighthouse Trails to champion the Gospel, and the whole truth of the Scriptures.

  2. Kathryn

    ‘The gospel needs no supplement…the gospel is the gift in and of itself’. Very good in-sight! Great article and great comment by Lydia!

  3. Lydia

    Well said! As the apostasy grows like a morphing cancer this antagonism towards truth will only increase. They despise sound teaching and exhortation like a rebellious teenager. Several things have dawned on me recently. One is how rare it is to find a Christian who is obedient to God’s Word and this so much so that when you are indeed obedient you are the one left looking like the rebel! Another thing that I was reminded of with the title above is regarding evangelism. Obviously the emergent church has drummed up all manner of heresy regarding the methods of ‘reaching the lost’ and evangelism, if any is even encouraged at all. We know what lies behind all of that, which is another book’s worth. But one common lie is that one must bring in all these deeds of service as well, first, or even in lieu of the gospel message, so as to ‘win them over with love,’ and such. Now let it be said that there is nothing wrong with helping those in need and we are being a good witness as God’s people by showing love in such ways as helping the poor and so on. This shows the power of the gospel in our saved lives. BUT, the gospel needs no supplement. The gospel IS the GIFT in and of itself! We don’t need to ‘bribe’ anyone to receive it with services as though they are doing us a favor. God is doing them the favor by offering them salvation as a free gift, and that is the gift, a gift that cannot be measured as it is so beyond any price anyone could offer in the universe. If they don’t appreciate that, they don’t deserve the free clinic or whatever else either! Our souls are eternal, as are heaven and those in it and hell. All else is temporary. Souls coming to salvation and their edification (the bride) is the only lasting fruit we will have in heaven! God bless! ( :

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