1. Sandra

    There are many evangelicals who though they would not become roman catholics have adopted key catholic thinking and practices. They are ‘deceived’ and are in danger of denying the true gospel in favour of man’s ideas and philosophies. As an ex roman catholic who has been saved by faith in Christ alone it is easy for me to spot the deceptions creeping in to the Evangelical church. What is disturbing is that so many evangelicals are blind to the oft not even subtle infiltration of catholic deception poorly ‘hidden’ in movements such as contemplative prayer and the teachings of catholic mystics like Henri Nouwen being taught in Evangelical churches. When you try to raise a red flag these evangelicals are often so deceived already that they label you a troublemaker and demand your silence so as to preserve the unity and love in the body. I have cried much over people I have fellowshiped with who now blindly follow these false teachers and shepherds and have lost dear friends because I will not bow to the dictates of men but stand firm on the foundation laid by Christ and the Apostles in the Word of God.

  2. John J

    Through my research on spiritual matters and matters connected to spiritual things, I have found that many women, specifically, would leave a cult like the Roman Catholic Club and jump to the extreme (Calvinism or another cult like Scientology, the same useless manmade power and baby powder). I asked a few why they did not go the Biblical route—the Holy Spirit will testify about Jesus, and if the Spirit convicts them, and these ladies accept God’s plan of eternal salvation through his Son, Jesus, they will be freed and saved forever.
    I sensed that the ladies were not born-again, as a few told me, “It’s boring and not as exciting and posh as Calvinism and does not have exciting preachers.
    Well, posh and la-di-dah cults are not going to get these precious souls into the presence of our Lord; these things seek souls to destroy souls.

    The matter of eternal life is not some silly walk up and down a glittery catwalk. These ladies are chasing worldly things still; let us speak out when we meet them. Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit (one of his roles) convicts them and that the lost souls have their hearts changed (they change their attitudes and hearts, not even God does it for them).
    And one glorious day, we’ll see these once-lost souls with us, rejoicing.
    That’s going to be great and to God’s glory. False religions have no place in the lives of children of God or in God’s presence.

    It’s never too late to swipe pride and status out of the way, especially from the faces of God’s enemies.

  3. Ruth Brewer

    It isn’t just Romanism that people should leave! There are very few “churches” where Biblical Salvation is taught. Most church going people are either, like Catholics, believing that what they “do” is essential to their personal salvation or that in simply repeating a prayer their sins are wiped out. Few are those who spread the true Gospel of repentance (acts 20:21)…having a literally life-transforming change where from the depths of our being we receive Him into our life, desiring the will of Christ in all that we think and do…to grow in His grace and understanding and experiencing His working within us in a day-to-day moment-by-moment relationship…”Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Col 1:27) “Not my will, but Thine be done.” (Lk 22:42)…Spiritually nourished by the study of the Scriptures (2 Tim 2:15).

  4. Jen

    I don’t think I ever journeyed out of Catholicism as I was never in, even though, I grew up in the Catholic faith, having been to grade and high school. I remember in the first or second grade sitting in the pew in the church that was affiliated with the school. The nun was trying to explain to us, that Jesus lived in the tabernacle that housed the communion wafers next to the altar. How was I to know that what she was saying was not correct at the age of six or seven? Oh, that still small voice that spoke in my ear, ‘it’s not true’.

    I did grow up with a healthy fear of God not in the right sense, however. I went through all of the sacraments, but it was quite rote. Even in school, we were taught none of the Catholic doctrine, except for confession in which we all just had to make up our sins like we hit our brother or sister.

    I was married in a Catholic Church only because the particular priest whom I had known was such a biblical Christian that if he broke out of the church, I don’t think he had anywhere to go. So he stayed within the walls of the rectory. My parents grew up in the faith coming from the original Latin masses. They know Jesus as Savior, but not like you and I do. It’s really quite sad because when I try to talk to my mom about theology, for her to have to imagine, canceling every thought, memory, tradition, friends, and celebrations involving the church would be to deny her last 80 years of existence, but she knows Jesus as savior, but doesn’t know if she’s going to heaven. Sigh!

    I have a neighbor that just recently passed who is 95 years old, an Italian woman who didn’t speak a word of English. But her dying wish was that the rosary was said and something about Padre Pio, which escapes me. The praying to saints… oh my! Jesus annihilated such a notion when he specifically said, ‘nobody comes to the father except through me’. Pretty clear and simple.

    The saving work of Jesus Christ and His spoken words, ‘IT IS FINISHED’ is just set aside. No wonder Jesus said that the road is narrow and few find it, and broad is the road to destruction and many go that way. I know people in the Catholic faith that just refuse to listen. Jesus told us that there will be no more tears in Heaven. Our hearts weep for those that are lost in the world but God allows us to see so that we may continue to be the light on the hill. But it is not we who save, nor any sacrament of the Catholic Church.

    Let’s keep fighting for truth saints; the road ahead will not be easy. Maranatha, Lord Jesus come, your bride is waiting.

  5. charles

    rome and its pomp and idol worship is sending multitudes to hell. thou we are an angel from heaven preach any other gospel let him be accursed . gal 1-8. i was once a romancatholic till jesus saved my soul, you cannot be born again and remain in this cult.

  6. GJ

    To those considering becoming or are Catholic (I once was until I became an adult)…

    I was at a Catholic funeral mass for a family member, and it struck me… their “salvation” eucharistic ritual requires a man to ring a bell to “announce” it’s happening. It’s so “spiritual” that… it depends on man to “authenticate” it.

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