1. Suzanne Keever

    This makes me more concerned about my grandson who has gone to confession before age 13 . His mother and her family are in the Catholic religion . My son is not a Catholic. The mother is from Cali, Columbia .


    praise the lord jesus christ of the bible he saved
    me from this cult of rome, if a person is truly coverted they will leave and i will not accept that there are true beleivers in this cult that are born again impossible.

  3. Marie-Ange Desrosiers

    I was a nun also. I entered the convent at age sixteen. The priest who ws a chaplain there taught us for two hours five days a week. Six hours from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, verse by verse; four hours on the history of the Roman Catholic Church. I had never even seen a Bible before; also I knew nothing of the RCC history. For five years this went on. After a while, I started to see blatant discrepencies between God’s Word and the Church’s teaching. It came to a point where I realized I had a CHOICE to make: believe God or believe the Church. It took a whole year before I was able to feel confident the Word of God was the only choice that made sense to me. On March 25 1963 I quit the Convent and I quit the Church at the same time. I was 21 years old. But it was only 25 years later that I would get saved. I am now 81 years old, a member of a solid Bible preaching Fundamentalist Independant Baptist Church. I praise the Lord that He came for me, a lost soul drowning in a sea of Catholics and rescued me for Eternity. AMEN!

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    Praise the Lord! What a wonderful true story of two lives that were redeemed and a marriage that was saved!

  5. Terri Abraham

    wonderful story. i have the book and recommend it to all to share with those who do not know the peace of God. So many wonderful stories with such valid points. Consider adding this to your collection along with a spare to give when you are moved to do so. I have given 2 away so far and expect to give more. Praise God for rescuing those of us who were in bondage to a religion.

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