1. Elizabeth Bennett

    Do the martial arts invoke the presence of other gods or evil spirits? I happened to visit one session of tae kwan do and the leader and children greeted each other with something that meant the god in me salutes the god in you. Am I just imagining this or is it really happening?

  2. T. I. Miller

    The phrase, ” Mission Creep “, came to my mind as I read this incredible think piece. Hegel’s method was to convince people to do a 180 degree turn without them realizing it. Degree by incremental degree truth is replaced with a lie. There is another problem. ” The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The good intentions of thousands of pastors is to emphasis unity and harmony. This is a good thing. Yet this causes them to not clearly see false teachers for what they are. They are to trusting of others therefore they fail to examine and verify and test all things. Paul was clearly for unity but he never put up with false teachers. Jesus, love incarnate, commanded unity within the church yet He never tolerated false teachers. John the Baptist was arrested and imprisoned and put to death for telling truth about sin. There are thousands of pastors that hold to all of essential doctrines yet are fooled by these wolves. They proudly read from the Message Bible. They see no problem with the Shack or Love wins or the new perspective on Paul or the emergence movement. The list goes on and on. The wise receive godly council. thousands of pastors refuse to hear wise council from the laity. Is this due to narcissism?

  3. nannette

    What she says is very true. In the state of Washington my husband’s grandchildren are doing ‘station yoga’. I started questioning the grand children and he then age 9 told me that they do ‘station yoga’ and he did not really like it. I warned my step daughter who shrugged it off. The devices children have in their hands do mesmerize them. They are glued. All the hypnotizing elements are there. We can’t have a holiday gathering without the kids spending hours on you tube videos. They are meant to take the children away to another world. I pray continually for them. Unfortunately most of my family is unsaved. Our local Counseling center pushes yoga. The doctors refer so called depressed people there, including children. We were invited to a house warming party. The lady was wearing a pentagram. I asked her what I was and she proudly replied, it’s a pentagram and don’t worry, I won’t cast any spells on you. I told my husband who was oblivious we needed to go. It’s everywhere.

  4. Lianne

    I was a helper in a Sunday School class for young children and the teacher used magic to teach a lessen. It really upset me and I am no longer in the class. I would like to hear your thoughts on this situation. Thank you, Lianne Roussel

  5. heather

    Thank you for exposing the dangers of yoga. I, too, wrote a little bit about it after seeing that an article about yoga being performed at a church. I wish more Christians understood what yoga is and why it’s dangerous.

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