1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I had to re-read this article in order to refresh my mind as to why The Shack is not of the Lord. A lady in a Bible study was praising the book. In private I told her the author’s salvation was questionable since his beliefs are not biblical. She argued that people can still be saved reading it even if the author is not. I had previously warned her about Jesus Calling.

  2. CW

    I am so thankful for the articles here which reveal the sad truth about books like The Shack. For some time after that book was published, Wm. Paul Young would not give a straight answer about what he believed about salvation (universal salvation, or not). But a year or so ago he finally came out with the truth. He does believe in and seek to spread the lie of universal salvation. Eugene Peterson, who wrote the paraphrase (not a translation) The Message “bible” has been complicit in this. God help churches and Christians and unbelievers today! The vast spread of delusion from many quarters is keeping people from entering the Kingdom of God, and deceiving many others into believing in “another jesus” (not the true Christ Jesus the Lord), “another gospel” (not the Biblical Gospel) and “another spirit” (not the Holy Spirit of God).

  3. Lydia

    Thank you Torunn. And I agree Ron, I have seen so many ironies in this whole thing that it must be celestial humor behind it, and in the end the joke is on the ones persecuting us. One of many: The fact that they ‘scoff’ about the return of Christ, just like the Bible says, (fulfilling prophecy) and claim that they must ‘bring in the kingdom,’ which they can’t, but that gets the ball rolling to the apostasy, and so on, and at the end of the dominoes after judgment is the true kingdom arriving, but it had nothing to do with them besides their unbelief! A rather humbling irony! ( ;

  4. Ron DeMitchell

    It makes me wonder where we are as a church. It’s certainly not a good place. The hardcore new agers say that there must be a cleansing of the earth, and yet many of them will end up in the lake of fire. That’s the irony they don’t get.

  5. Lydia

    Right, this is one of the biggest deceptions of the new age creeping into the church, or should I say ‘storming’ in… The lie of ‘oneness’ is the lie, separation is the truth. We see this over and over in the Bible. 1. In the Garden of Eden, sin, sickness, and death entered in. Man became fallen with the sin nature and not only that, but a curse was placed on the earth and all of creation. We see this today, sickness, death, sin, the results of sin, and the fall in the animal kingdom as well. The lion and the lamb have not rested together yet, predatory practices are at work all over the creation, and so on! 2. The Bible states that God created all things, creation; the earth, the universe, man, etc. but He is NOT these things, God did not create Himself, He is eternal. He is all-present but not abiding within His creation, that is pantheism, panentheism, spiritism, nature worship, etc. God is separate from His creation. The earth is not ‘god,’ man is not ‘god,’ etc. 3. God cannot be united with a fallen and cursed creation. He is holy and separate from sin. 4. The only way for there to be any reconciliation is through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, as the Mediator and High Priest who ‘goes between’ in the holy of holies, making intercession for a fallen man, and yes, taking our sin as He represents God to man and man to God, the only one worthy to do so due to sinlessness. This was the only way for reconciliation to be available. 5. Once this was done, we have access to salvation, we can be reconciled to God through the holy blood of Christ, the Lamb of God. Only then can we enjoy fellowship with the Creator, but we must come to receive and apply it to ourselves, it is not ‘automatic.’ 6. Then, and only then, we receive the Holy Spirit and thus a relationship with God, He does indwell our hearts through His Spirit, but He is God, and we are NOT. 7. Jesus, when He returns, and only He, can restore all things to paradise and the pre-curse, pre-fall state when He brings in HIS kingdom, something we cannot do, again, because we are NOT God. Then it will be ‘heaven on earth,’ but not before that. First comes the judgment and wrath upon the earth, all those end of days events, the ‘day of atonement,’ and so on and then the Kingdom of heaven and a truly ‘new era’ will begin, but through the power of God, not the devil and deceived man’s abominable ‘new age’ that denies Christ. 8. We are called to ‘come out and be ye separate,’ and that from a sinful world inside and outside of the church, and that is a mandate to God’s people! 9. This whole idea of ‘the kingdom of God’ or of heaven gets confusing for some and they fall into dominionism. But this is NOT the kingdom of God, that would be a very poor substitute with the state of the world today. As the church, the ‘kingdom’ is in our hearts and among us as Jesus said, because we do have the Holy Spirit. But the true ‘kingdom’ will not cover the earth until Jesus returns to set it up, only He can establish it, we don’t ‘bring the kingdom.’ We share the gospel so that people can get saved and ‘enter the kingdom’ in the sense of being reconciled to God, which can only be done by the work of Christ on the cross, all the rest are still outside of it in that sense. The other form won’t be established until the return of Christ. He does not need us for that, but rather we need HIM! So they have totally repackaged the new age lie of oneness to sell it to the church, (the world of course also) who bites the apple of the devil’s deception and falls into apostasy via books like the shack, etc., as was prophesied long ago in the Bible. Thank you for posting this vital warning! Blessings

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