1. Cynthia

    Hi all, thks for the article. I hAve not attended any session of Bethel church or Ps. BIll Johnson. Can’t comment much. But the basic doctrine of the bible is essential. We must be be careful not to add or minus from Word of God when we preach or teach. And any vision or Word of knowledge Said must be re confirm from Word of God. It is dangerous to say doctrine not important. Just to share i know nothing about the network behind, but while I was working in 2015, Holy Spirit told me He was grieved over the network behind. And thus i did some research for two years… bro n sis the Word of God should be the final authority for what is truth. Jiayou in your search for truth. A loving person can sincerely sin against God unknowingly Becoz of his sincere belief in His wrong concepts. Repentance is important when come to wrong teaching, rebuking the person helps the person to wake up. Let’s pray God will be done as we do our Part

  2. Jenny

    I am appreciative of this information. I would like to respond to Lonessa yes my dear we should pray for Bill Johnson however we also need to speak the truth in love and warn the flock of God of these dangers that lurk these things can be very damaging and dangerous to people faith. Its very serious business and should not be swept under the rug.

  3. John

    Bill Johnson is very possibly the most dangerous false teacher in the church today. Scripture commands us to expose false teachers and protect the flock from them. Calling them to repentance and offering doctrinal correction is inherent in those commands. Many attempts have been made to do just that. Sadly, they appear to be far too comfortable in their “fame and fortune” to respond to constructive criticism. I appreciate Lighthouse and other discernment ministries willing to publicly call these heretics and charlatans to repentance. Yes, we pray for them but we especially pray for those under their influence who, at best, are believers but are not hearing a full gospel and, at worst, aren’t even true believers but drawn to their false promises and phony works.

  4. Lonnessa Owensby

    I am in shock and horror that this ministry is about the “exposure” of Bill Johnson and not praying for him. If you find a brother in error are we not suppose to pray for them? Why spend all this effort to bring down a person? I am appalled at this. No one has everything right or translated the scriptures 100 percent correctly. Isn’t the main objective to tell ppl about the goodness of God that will lead them to repent? I have heard Bill Johnson give alter calls and if God can give me greater insight on how to be an overcomer in this world through any man that teaches the word of God then I will be the first to stand in that line with my heart open wide. I trust the Holy Spirit in me to discern whether what I am hearing to be contrary to God’s word or hit the mark. Try praying for those that you are so ready to attack. Your words may cause a person to totally become frustrated and walk away totally from God especially new converts. I am praying for this ministry to become the scripture “and you will know they are Christians by there love.”

  5. Karen

    Thank you for this accurate article. This is in response to Martha’s comment. The Bible is what we search as the Bereans did to find the truth. That is God’s inerrant Word. Just compare to what Bill Johnson teaches to God’s Word. This article also explains not touching God’s anointed: http://www.letusreason.org/Pent47.htm

  6. Martha

    I went to the Lord and asked Him what He thought of Bill Johnson. His response was that He has raised him up as an anointed pastor for such a time as this. He might have some doctrinal error but God can show him that. I see so much love he has for the Lord and others and how much more good he does than not. We have to be so careful that we don’t touch Gods anointed and be in the place where we have judgment and sarcasm that will get us in trouble. I will pray for Bill and his ministry the Gods will be done and that the good Lord will give him even greater wisdom, revelation and insight to be used to further Gods kingdom.

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