1. Helen

    An eye awakener!! If we don’t know the Word of God, and His Holy Spirit, we WILL all be deceived. I came over Charlie Freak from Afreaksenseworld. read a little, (I believe he is honest about his belief, but blind for the whole truth). BUT NOW I am sure he is mixed up with New Age spirituality. We need the gift of discernment. Thank You, Warren – my husband and I have read your warnings over the years. Especially Another Jesus Calling was a good one!!

  2. Andrea Beach

    How do you feel about Wayne Jacobsen book so you don’t want to go to church. Written with Dave Coleman ? Curious since Wayne was editor of the shack? Thank you Andrea

  3. Kathy

    My husband and I have been reading books and booklets that you published for over 9 years. God bless you, Mr Warren for your testimony about you and your wife and how God brought you to the truth in God’s Word. Also your book The Light That was Dark , we gave to a dear friend of ours that was into Paranormal things and didn’t realize it was the wrong path. She read your book and repented. She was a Christian but deceived. Again God Bless you and your wife, ( Joy )

  4. CW

    Anna Rosa, what song were you referring to, re: “song came on the news again and it is like the new age anthem; “Imagine”…? I agree about that song; it has ruined the Olympics for me.. I must have missed something about the other one.

  5. T. I. Miller

    Rom. 3:9-19 is a description of what happens when you step off the narrow path. It is a description of what happens when you allow any leaven into the lump of dough. Things that are almost true are far deadlier than things that are obviously false. The great delusion is being sent. So deceptive that if possible even the elect might be deceived. The cultural Christians will gleefully embrace it.

  6. Anna Rosa

    Yes, and it is interesting that today that song came on the news again and it is like the new age anthem; “Imagine,’ where practically every lyric is anti Christian and pro new age if one takes the time to actually listen and not merely sing along. I see all of these things going on in the church all over and it all fits in to the end times antichrist plot, like this says so clearly. It all ties in; Dominionism (kingdom building, actually for the devil), and only Jesus can restore paradise at His return, a false revival (without repentance) that brings ‘oneness’ when we need to be separate, embracing apostasy, false religion, sin, etc, in ‘oneness,’ ‘all is god’ divinity, eastern mysticism, shunning the truth and those who hold to it (Biblical Christians), and all these things leading to a one world tyranny under antichrist, only the church is sold all of this as ‘Christian’, when it’s satanic!

  7. Darlene Schreiner

    Deceived on Purpose was the book I gave my husband to read to inform him what was going on in the churches. He didn’t believe me until I gave him that book to read. I am not very good about sharing and explaining what was in the book. As soon as he read it, we changed churches and now belong to a true baptist church that follows the Bible and does expository teaching every Sunday. Thank you so much for all your books and insight to Gods word. To God be the glory – great things He has done. Thank you again Mr. Warren, and God Bless you and your wife.

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