1. Sharon

    Even though I have already read Warren’s Titanic book, I have just been stunned by how this specific chapter of the book so clearly articulates what is happening as the world gets more and more deceived. The book and booklet have helped me connect more of the dots in the spiritual battle we are engaged in. Thanks. Praying that God bless and protect your ministry.

  2. jamie in Illinois

    Would Jude 1:8 fall under this heading? “dreamers”. Or is it only when the dead talk back?! ie, grave soaking

  3. Kathryn

    Perhaps a spell check changed what should have been ‘this article’ to “ the circle” in Pastor Stauffer’s reply.
    I once cautioned a young woman who attended Grace Chapel to be wary of Steve Berger and his interactions with his dead son. She was offended then, but later I learned she had left that church. Hopefully, Christians will wake up and know Truth. Thank you for this timely article. Deception is rampant in today’s world.

  4. Jeffry

    God Bless Lighthouse Trails. I am sorry to change the subject of this power-full article by our Brother Warren to warn Christians of what is happening right now to the United States of America. The Governor of Tennessee has just signed a Executive Order authorization his National Guard to carry out COVID Medical Kidnappings. The National Guard may enter your home at gunpoint and take you to a camp if you are not vaccinated. The fema-style concentration camp is now here. Their are now camps being set up all over the United States of America. They are calling it a National Emergency act. It means are freedoms are now removed until this COVID Hoax is taken care of. Does this not sound like Nazi Germany during world war 2? Christians need to pray and Preach the Gospel while we still can. Let not your heart be troubled Brothers and Sisters. Our Heavenly Father is still in control. Keep looking up!!!!!! Even so Come Lord Jesus.

  5. Claude T. Stauffer

    Thank you for this timely message. I’m a Calvary Chapel Pastor and just so happen to be teaching in Luke 17 where in verse 21 Jesus speaks of the kingdom of God within you. I will be sure to reference the circle. Thank you again. God is using you. God bless

  6. Jeffry

    Christians, this in-depth article by our Brother Warren should be given to every New Ager and Spiritist we know. They need to hear truth. It seems that Satanists now rule Israel and are now in full attack in America. Spiritist’s say the early Church was saturated with Spiritism. There is not a shred of evidence of that in God’s Holy Word . The churches never taught it. Satan, the arch-enemy of mankind is called “the deceiver of the whole world ( Revelation 12:9) He fashioned himself into an angel of light ( 2 Corinthians 11:14) The Bible gives abundant evidence of the work of evil spirits and their influence over mankind. Demons are mentioned no less than 70 times in scripture. Evidence of their super human knowledge abound in scripture. (Matthew 8:29; Mark 1:24,34;5:7;Acts 16:17) Spiritist Mr. W.T. Stead learned that when the power of communication between a median and the control is established the demon was unwilling to relinquish the relationship. Very Dangerous New Agers? Sadly, the New Age leaders and followers will have to explain to the world why they were not taken in the Rapture. The end of this age is very close. Pray they will awaken to the truth.

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