1. Jeffry

    Another excellent Booklet by our Brother Warren. Are we working out our Salvation with fear and trembling? Did we have our Bibles open when we read this Article? Did we pray along as we read it? Christians need to read this in these Dark days. Sadly are Christian’s reading their Bibles along with Warren ‘s explaining of His articles to help people realize truth . I pray they are. This is not party time for Americans. We are in a Spiritual War against Satan and his Demons. Are we watching and waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ to come and take us Home? Thank God salvation is of The Lord. The Gospel needs to be preached now. Pray and get busy Christians we can almost hear The Shout!!! God Bless All of you.

  2. T. I. Miller

    hermenutical hocus pocus is exploding.
    OT prophecies were literally fulfilled.
    yet amillinialism requires allegorical interpretations.
    to be logicaly consistent, their salvation must line up with Arminianism.
    This is becoming mainstream with the purpose driven church.
    Their is more than a tinge of antisemitism in this replacement theology. These pastors ignore and explain away every perilous end time sign. Their flocks are as decievied as the laughing Titanic passengers.
    The vast majority of church members are clueless concerning the end times and the immenance of Christ’s return. Satan isn’t bound and Jesus isn’t sitting on his heavenly amillinial throne.
    These deceivers will be judged more harshly, yet they are smugly full of pride.

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