1. Elizabeth Bennett

    God and His only Son Jesus Christ do not need dreams; only humans dream. God has a plan for each life, not a dream.

  2. Anna Rosa

    To GJ, That is part of the deception. This truly needs addressing. God has a real, and satan wants to counterfeit it. God brings the real. But most will fall impatiently for the counterfeit. The counterfeit compromises the truth of God, such as Jesus is the only way to be saved, you must repent, etc. Due to the sin nature, ‘world peace’ is not even possible now. The real, which does end poverty, death, sickness, sin, the curse, etc. is brought when Jesus restores all things back to paradise on earth, at His return, AFTER the wrath of God falls upon the earth, and AFTER the evil reign of antichrist, who will deceive all whose names are not written in the Book of Life. Don’t be one of those!

  3. T. I. Miller

    Thank you very much W. B. Smith for the excellent journalism on this malevolent deception. Thank you LTR for publishing it. Staying on top of the devils schemes of deception is a top priority. Sadly the Christians pastors who are commanded by God to keep the sheep educated about it Eph. 4, typically are the least informed and the most resistant to expose it.

  4. David

    Excellent article, very timely, and another warning that many of the most damaging challenges to our faith are coming from within the “church.”

  5. G J

    It’s not a dream… it’s how it will be. He declares… He will… Isaiah 40:6-11; 52:6-15; 65:16-18; Revelation 22:11-13 8The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever. We can either choose His will… or not. If we don’t, we’ll be separated from what is good forever.

  6. MB

    Another wonderful and helpful product from Warren. This also fits with the growing socialism/marxism/social justice that is expanding its sway inside the Church. Read the “sharing” quote from Sharing International and think of how socialism proponents can use this to their advantage.

  7. Anna Rosa

    Yes!!! Heed this advice! The ac is already here, it is not the one referred to as there are many false ‘christs,’ but the ac is here and he has already claimed to have ‘come in his own name.’ Watch and pray!

  8. Jeffry

    All Christians: PLEASE READ this Booklet. Take your time. Use your Bible. This is a Booklet for us today. The Lord Jesus tells us in the Gospel of John 5:43 that HE CAME in HIS FATHERS NAME and you RECEIVE ME NOT. Another shall come in HIS OWN NAME, HIM YOU WILL RECEIVE. The Maitreya? Paul tells us in 2nd Thessalonians 2:7-12 that the false Christ will show man great signs and miracles. How close are we to The Lord Jesus coming for His Bride? Even so, come Lord Jesus

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