1. CW

    P.S. One of my teens really liked the A Beka “home study guides” for some of the high school level subjects (not sure if that is the exact term for them?). He
    liked it that he could work independently (for the most part) and track his progress in such a visible and easy way.

  2. CW

    We used some of that, but mostly we used BJU Press materials and other materials which were written more for home teaching than for a classroom setting. Above all, the main criterion for us was a Bible-centered, Godly focus. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    The Abeka curriculum has been used for many yrs. by Bible-believing Christians in the Christian schools and also for home-schooling.

  4. CW

    P.S. My husband and I taught our children at home — one of the very best things we ever did for them. I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to do that. If anyone wants links to really good and effective resources, I would recommend http://www.hslda.org

  5. CW

    Great article! ITA with every word.

    One thing people need to realize is this: What people have been calling “homeschooling” because of the pandemic isn’t really homeschooling — it is public schooling at home.

    That does at least limit some of the negative socialization which children get in the public school setting, but it does not limit in any way the skewed “facts” they are taught about history and science, for example.

    I’ve heard parents complaining about trying to help their children with math. That’s because Common Core math is written to be confusing. I saw a public school educator who was trained to teach teachers to teach CC math say (on YouTube) that very thing — it is written to be confusing.

    He showed how to “solve” a problem the new CC way, which was laborious and lengthy and, yes, confusing. Then he showed “the good old-fashioned way” to solve that same problem (his exact description), which took a fraction of the time AND fostered understanding of the process instead of confusion.

    Then you’ve got politically-“corrected” history (a bunch of evil nonsense) and evolution-driven so-called science, and literature which features required reading of all sorts of abominable books (parents need to check these things out!), and what do you have left? Pretty much nothing of any real value coupled with LOADS of evil indoctrination.

    Yes, parents need to homeschool — without using public school materials! Do the homework. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am a retired public school teacher. I weep when I see what has happened to the public schools in America. Public schools are a dangerous place for children. Our children are no longer safe in America–from the womb and onward. My children attended Christian schools most of their lives and five of my grandchildren were home-schooled in Spain. My other two in Spain will probably have to be homeschooled very soon. They are 8 and 4 yrs. old. Common Core Curriculum was brought in by Obama. Some states opted out of this. I believe John Dewey started giving education a secular slant since he was an atheist. Our founders had a very Bible-centered educational system with much higher (difficult) standards and an accurate teaching of American history. Many of the American history bks. were written by liberals who do not love America or the Lord.

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