1. Jeffry

    We have come down to the closing days of the dispensation of Grace. The authority of God and his word is rapidly being denied. In a day of faithful witnesses to God’s truth are becoming fewer and fewer, the Lord addresses the Church at Laodicea as the Amen, the establisher of all God’s promises, the faithful and true Witness , who will maintain to the last what is of God. No compromise and no deception. Gods Holy word will reign.

  2. T. I. Miller

    Jesus warned against denying Him and or being ashamed of Him or even His words.
    There are many many ways in word, thought and deed to deny Him and or to be ashamed of His words.
    Everything listed here amounts to nothing less than some form or degree of denying Jesus of being ashamed of Jesus and His words.
    Every thing listed is lawless rebellion against God. Everything listed is on the broad road that leads to destruction.
    Everything listed to some degree persecutes Jesus persecutes His body His church. Perilous times are upon us.
    Stand firm.

  3. Jen

    Frightening to read what the ‘world’ considers as truth! The falling away and the great deception is plainly seen. However, some eyes of the blind are opening up as what Satan means for evil, God uses for His good. The youth have been targeted, many pastor’s hearts have been revealed as social justice is being spewed from their (virtual pulpits), tyrannical mayors and governors, the deep state, the enemy within!

    People have had enough! Gods ‘s truth will stand out of this wickedness but we must guard our hearts because the cares of this world choke out His Word! Who can live with hate in their hearts 24/7? It’s mind boggling truly! Let us stand firm on The Rock of our Salvation, The Corner Stone, A Stumbling Block for those who don’t know Him! Our God reigns!

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