1. Rhett Larson

    I cannot say for sure if Alpha is heretical in its aim or not. Maybe it is about its stated goal, beginning conversations that might end up with concluding that Jesus is the answer, the one to look to in this life and after it.

  2. Jeannette Parry

    Great assessment of the problem with Alpha, I learned a lot from it, thank you. Just a small correction, – there’s no point in giving sceptics an excuse to think “These Americans don’t know what they are talking about”. In the 4th paragraph in the section headed “Nicky Gumbel” it says “today the Anglican Church in Britain, under the authority of Prince Charles…”. Traditionally only the monarch is head of the Anglican Church. Prince Charles’ mother the Queen, is official head of the Anglican (state) Church in the UK, not Charles himself. (Long may she reign!)

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