1. Marty B.

    “The Chosen” is exposed in this exceptionally well written and informative Lighthouse article that reveals the considerable deception that goes to the very core of this production.
    Thank you so much for the time and effort that you have put to this topic. I have shared the link to your website and also a number of booklets to numerous friends and aquaintances, asking them to please beware (and be aware) that the Jesus of “The Chosen” is not the Biblical Jesus, but rather a specially designed counterfeit to deceive the unaware.
    In this (so far), I have recieved news from two dear couples, that by the truth revealed, God has moved in their hearts to cease and desist and to openly renounce this very popular TV series that had captivated them since its inception.

  2. William,
    Jenkins has stated that he is attempting to present “the authentic Jesus” to the world. through the series. What’s more, Jenkins has admitted that 95% of the content in The Chosen is not from the Bible. That’s a lot of made-up stories that are altering the content of God’s Word. It’s not being a Pharisee to defend truth against fiction.

  3. William,
    An interesting perspective, but we couldn’t disagree with you more. The implication in what you are saying is that discernment should be thrown out the window even though the Bible warns so much about spiritual deception, false christs, and our Adversary who comes as an angel of light and his ministers as ministers of righteousness.

    Keep in mind also that Jenkins has stated more than once that he is presenting the “authentic Jesus” to the world. His Jesus, who flatulates to make children laugh and who has to rehearse the Sermon on the Mount and get help from Jenkins’ autistic Matthew. The Chosen is clearly entertainment for many people, but it is in no way presenting the biblical true authentic Jesus, and many are being misled.

  4. William Rau

    There is much to consider here. But in fact, much of what is presented is unfair, at best. Jenkins has never, in my experience, stated that The Chosen is historical. The scriptures seem to be accurately quoted and the backstory is pure fabrication. That much is abundantly clear.
    People get full of themselves when they give interviews and some of the things that have been said are just silly. But if anyone thinks that Roumie is Jesus, Lord help them .
    The church is largely irrelevant today. And it’s the church’s fault. To complain about The Chosen when the church has so obviously failed is stunning to me. A ship that is moving can be steered. The church hasybeen steered in a really long time.
    I suggest you observe the scriptures as presented, not the back story, not the interviews. If God wants to use Mormons to excite interest in Yeshua the Messiah are you going to say he can’t? Sounds like something a Pharisee would do.

  5. Bryn

    I have only seen a few clips of this series and I’m generally very skeptical of popular shows/movies that claim to depict the Bible. Adding details that are not in the Bible is no different than false teachers who bend the Scriptures with added details to tickle people’s ears. Only this is. more impactful because of the media used.

    What I’m wondering about this series is whether sin is ever called out? Does “Jesus” ever tell people to repent? Or are they all treated like the woman at the well, where Jesus makes excuses for her adultery and conveys to her that she just doesn’t feel worthy of anything … so her sin is that she has low self-esteem. Is that what goes on?

  6. Pettifogging Pharisee

    Some of what you reference concerning an interview with Dallas Jenkins where he admits that the content for the show is 95% not from the Bible is from Melissa Dougherty’s video on Youtube. I compiled a critique of her disasterous interview in my video and I have a 2nd video where I address the lazy response from Dallas concerning his 95% comment after I directly challenged him.

    To this day, Melissa Dougherty has not addressed any of my criticisms of her conversation with Dallas, especially where she didn’t bat an eye on his 95% comment (although she certainly blocked me on Facebook over it). What bothers me the most about this is that Melissa is supposed to be an apologist and one that is sanctioned under Cross-Examined (Frank Turek’s organization). What does that say about Cross-Examined?


  7. Laurie,
    Not sure how you are connecting these other issues with The Chosen, but yes, Mel Gibson, Mark Burnett, and Roma Downey have been inspected for their heretical views. Be that as it may, the issues with The Chosen are not just with the problems with the beliefs of the directors and producers, as our booklet clearly shows. It also has to do with the content, which is presenting another Jesus than the one in the Bible. Being discerning and sorting these things out is something God has asked us to do as Christian believers. We hope you can see that is what Scripture says.

  8. Laurie McWilliams

    I am not arguing one way or the other on this topic. I merely ask, was Cecil B DeMille and Charleston Heston defamed as promoting heresy. Was Mel Gibson, Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and all the other directors and producers that have tried to bring the Bible to life inspected for their lies and heresy.
    The early days of the Catholic Church, John Wesley, John Knox and Calvin as well as Martin Luther were fraught with heresies. The early fathers of the catholic church did not believe women had souls. Knox, Wesley and Calvin did not have much regard for women either. I wish that we would all spend time on how we reflect God, our study and how we reflect God’s purpose. God will most definitely sort it out.

  9. DSAC

    Thanks for this exposé – good info here, especially about the surprising extent of Mormon influence on Jenkins. Admittedly, in my ignorance I enjoyed season 1 of The Chosen; I wasn’t particularly bothered by the creative imagination used to flesh out the characters. However, with the arrival of season 2, the alarm bells went off for me big time! Way too much imagination, not nearly enough Scripture. Poorly written. What finally did me in was episode 3, which was not only dull, but also elevated Jesus’ mother over his disciples. Exactly the opposite of what Scripture teaches (cf. Matt 12:46-50). Catholic piety, not Biblical truth.

    I also discovered that Roumie’s face was invading my prayers. Ugh! I didn’t want to picture an actor when I was speaking to the Lord, so I had another good reason to ditch the series. Thankfully, that effect has faded.

    I’m glad my family no longer watches The Chosen.

  10. Tim M.

    I want to draw your attention to the late Catholic monk Padre Pio. Because it seems as though that many who are professing Christians love the teachings of Padre Pio (in fact, Padre Pio was said to suffer the stigmata or the sufferings of Christ; he was also said to be in two places at once; he was also noted as saying that he was capable of Levitating – all this, I believe, is demonic.) But why are professing Christians having such an uncritical admiration of Padre Pio? Thank you God Bless you. Sincerly yours. Tim

  11. Kate

    Thank you for putting together the tract. I will be honest here and say I was unaware of much of this. There are some out there who are more discerning, and it is good to speak up, however if frustrates me when I see so many saying “Oh, I saw this early on.” Some most likely did, given I am seeing information like this now. For those that really did not, it only hurts the cause of getting this information out. I do study the Bible, I do love Jesus Christ, and I try my best to be discerning with Christ’s help and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. The good thing is that God tells us in Matthew and Mark that the if possible, the elect would be deceived. “[Mark 13:21-23 NKJV] 21 “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here [is] the Christ!’ or, ‘Look, [He is] there!’ do not believe it. 22 “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 23 “But take heed; see, I have told you all things beforehand. I’m thankful for those who see what I do not see so I can be made aware and not deceived. That’s how I learn and grow in Christ. Study the Bible and listen to those who have the gift of teaching the Gospel and all of God’s Word and applying it to what is going on in our world. I am no less God’s child because I was slower to understand the background of The Chosen. I learn. I repent. I move forward in the race to the finish line.

  12. Christine

    Thank you for this important tract! Too many are swept away by these shows..it is sad to see.

    Quote from book I am currently reading,

    “We, may thus see how the loss of love (for Jesus) brings with it the loss of truth through the loss of communion (with Jesus)”— Christianity and
    Anti-Christianity in their Final Conflict, by Samuel J. Andrews, written in 1898.

  13. KJ

    Thank you for your well written article. How true it is, those that do not know the Bible, do not see the red flags in this series. One has to study God’s Word. The better we understand His wisdom, HIs purpose, His calling, the more clarifying it is to see the deception.
    I had a friend, who was excited about this series when it first came out. She told me to watch it. To be fair I watched the first 4 and I had alarm bells ringing! I even went back to rewatch some of the first season series and took notes. The Chosen is Satan at work, he comes in disguise like an angel, like a light..How can anyone not see what this series is about!
    I tried to help my friend see through Scripture that this series is not Biblical based. The response was, , “you perceive the Bible different than I do.” My friend was angry that I had marred her view of this series. umm maybe there is hope.

  14. Saved Bygrace

    Thank you so much for this! I watched season one and really liked it, except a few parts that really jumped out at me as added and unbiblical (Mary convincing Jesus to help at the wedding, the whole children episode, among other things). When season 2 came along I watched the trailer and knew I couldn’t watch anymore, there was so much added that was unbiblical the “I’ve come to start a revolution” and Mary backsliding really bothered me and helped me see that season ones little issues were just priming viewers to accept more and more unbiblical additions to the story. Your warnings are much needed as this show is extremely popular and very appealing. Its helped me tremendously to read it and see more clearly.. Thank you for putting this together.

  15. I think Yeshua ( Jesus ) said it all when He said many false Christs will come pretending to be Him.. I saw the first series but had a feeling which I now know was the Holy Spirit telling me there was something wrong with ” The Chosen ” . Call it a gut feeling if you like but it put me off watching the second series.

  16. CW

    Quoting your well-written, well-researched article (for which I commend you):

    “It is ironic that forty years ago, Christians were flocking to their churches by the tens of thousands to watch a film called The God Makers, which warned about Mormonism, most particularly about the false Jesus of Mormonism.”

    I remember those days! Much-needed light was shed on that subject then which helped born-again Bible-believing Christians to be able to speak to Mormons who came to their doors in a rational, Biblical way.

    I have not had a good feeling about The Chosen and have not watched any of it. There has soooo much twisting of God’s Word for several years now in what have been billed as “Christian” shows, I have become very leery of them.

    As for Rohr’s comments (no wonder his theology was so cockeyed) and Kirk Cameron’s support for The Chosen, all I can say is UNbelievable!

    I pray for a powerful move of the Spirit of God across our land, first in the churches and then among unbelievers. Oh how everyone needs the Truth, which Christ Jesus said will set us free!

  17. GJ

    Pastor Bill Randles’ passing… I’ll miss his teaching and encouragement. It’s hard to lose another servant of the Lord that’s fighting for Truth as the days grow darker. Yesterday, his son-in-law, Matt, was saying… when are we going to quit playing games with God… when are we going to get real with Him. Getting real with God… that was Pastor Bill’s admonishment to us through his sermons and teaching.

    Much is under the name of “great revival”… but it’s “so great”, the Mormons involved in the Chosen remain Mormons… there’s no conviction of repentance – the games are still being played on the “great revival” stage. Much is under the name of “health, safety, and love”… but the destruction of the dignity of the human being rages on. Much is under the name of “progress”… but lawlessness, dishonesty, corruption, oppression, and the theft of inflation rages on. Much is in the name of Christianity… but the games played are where Jesus is sought. Will we be caught looking “over there” and not “looking up”?

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