1. Jeffry

    How long before the “Apostate churches “ join all the “Apostate Religions “ of the world to form a “One World Religion? Which world are we living for Christians? This One World Religion and Government will introduce worship to The Man of Sin. Satan and his Demonic Force is bringing this to its end. We need to be Christ Like in all of our ways. The Bible tells us “The fruit of the Spirit “ is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self control. Is the Lord’s character being stamped upon us? Changing us from Glory to Glory, as unto His own Image? May it be so for His Names Sake!!! Pray and Preach the Gospel. Even So, come Lord Jesus.

  2. John J

    Fancy that, yeah? A few years ago, a Calvinist preacher told me that Allah (pieces of whatever be upon him) and the “Christian” God is one and the same.
    When I asked him about the role of Jesus Christ’s death in that faith, he told me I was clueless and that he was the one with the PhD; well, I’m the one with the true Savior. Beat that.

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