1. Sandy Speilman

    I first met Ray Yungun in Mission ,B.C. Canada I think in 2010., at a Learning to discern seminar. What an eyeopener! PTL for people like you!!!!! I have to much to say in this small space. God richly bless you all!!!

  2. N

    I have several of your books and am extremely grateful. For years I was in a circle of false teachings unable to comprehend the magnitude of the deception. I tried to stay but couldn’t handle the forked tongues and couldn’t leave because there was nowhere to go. I can see the Lords hand in protecting me all these years and am grateful that I am not alone.

  3. Marti Hartnell

    I wish I had seen your site prior to our SDA Women’s Ministries starting Priscilla S. Gideon study! We just started last week. I have shared your information with them this evening. I told them I would not be attending more studies and why. I believe they will feel the same and be able to share how Satan draws us in to deceive us….and STOP the study. Praise God for your presence! Did Bob Nehler ever work with you? He is a friend of ours who worked at a publishing co in Montana for a while, very concerned about this subject as well. God bless!

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