1. Christian

    It would be better to call God’s revelation to man—The Bible—“intransigent” reality. God’s word is eternal and unchanging.

  2. Sandra Lee Smith

    Aside from playing “god” with their own live the transgender crowd are engaging in 1 of the worst possible forms of child abuse imaginable! As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, both physical and psychological, I can absolutely attest that the psychological abuse was the most destructive and difficult to overcome! It destroys one’s ability to trust anything or anyone; literally. When one has been lied to on that scale for years, what does one ever really trust as truth? Not much, I can tell you, and then only after years of hard work overcoming those lies patterned into one’s brain, when it starts early in life, as with the baby in the 1st part of this article; I have grave doubts that infant will ever trust its own parents even, let alone anyone else. I was about 15 months old when my abuse began and to this day, some 7 decades later, I still do not really, fully trust anyone, because, like that infant, my parents were my abusers, as well as 1 grandfather. The think adults forget or never learned themselves is that children instinctually know when they’re being lied to regularly, even if it’s started before their conscious memories are formed. They also know they are boys or girls early on, and resist the lies that tell them differently.

  3. CW

    Dear Maria Kneas and Lois Putnam, Thank You both for this fine in-depth booklet. I am impressed with your thoroughness, addressing all angles of this issue which sorely need to be addressed. You have exposed the crux of the issue. I will be passing this along to Christian parents with young children. God bless you both!

  4. Lydia

    Right on! Great post and a timely warning! Christians MUST resist obeying the devil and his agenda instead of God and His! We are called to be HIS witnesses (Jesus), not witnesses for sin and satanic agendas. Christians MUST stand up, refuse to comply, and all that goes with it. There is no other option for the Christian! I get so tired of folks taking the ‘if I do this or that’ approach, there is no ‘if’! Either you obey God or else! I don’t care what else is at stake. Jesus said that those who deny Him before men, He will deny before the Father! Matthew 10; 32-33. If you cave to the devil’s agenda of promoting sin, next thing you know you’ll be tempted to take the mark of the beast, and yes, they are already setting Christians up for that, just google for yourself and see. NOW is the time to prepare yourself to stand firm in the faith in every way. Christians are already being persecuted here in the USA, so don’t plan on worrying about preserving your personal kingdom, or you will be like Lot’s wife. And don’t plan on coasting until the rapture either, that didn’t pan out too well for the bakers and the florists who stood firm as we all are commanded to do by the Lord. But rather, plan on preparing for persecution, standing firm and steadfast, determined not to cave in to sin. As Daniel’s 3 friends said, we will NOT bow to a false god, whether we are delivered from the fiery furnace… or NOT! And guess who was with them in it? But oh, ye of little faith!!! If you only knew that we are here, as in the book of Esther “for such a time as this” and as she said “if I perish, I perish!” But, she did not. She was willing to stand up for what is right in the eyes of the Lord. I pray the same for His church today!

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